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Liverpool Football Club Thread - Champions 19/20

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That pass from Bobby was ridiculous! That needs a goal, you can't miss when your team-mate lays it on like that.


VAR doing the one thing it does, annoying everyone because even despite the elbow that was one hell of a header. We need to put these away now, don't give them any more chances.

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10 minutes ago, Pockets said:

Pfft. That offside was fucking ridiculous. I’d be livid if I was them. I know it’s to our benefit but it annoys me just as much when the opposition are cheated. (Unless it’s Man Utd, in which case lol). 

What? The fact he was offside annoys you?

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7 hours ago, rjpageuk said:

We are just a ridiculous team nowadays. Those goals were all amazing and it is such fun watching Liverpool almost every game.


Have to say Genk looked really good too today I thought they played pretty well and still got hammered.


Genk were playing on the break and Liverpool were accommodating to their system with the way the midfield was set up.


Naby Keita, for me, has been the most disappointing signing Klopp has made. Injury has definitely disrupted his development at the club but his work rate last night was below the requirement in the midfield three Klopp plays.


Obviously winning 1-4 is still a positive but there are problems that need addressing.

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I really don't get this. Keita made more recoveries than anyone (12), completed more passes than anyone (108, 94% success rate), had the most successful dribbles (3/4), and the most tackles (4/4). He was fantastic, and I came away from the game thinking he's finally ready to compete for a place in the team. 

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Think the ideal balance will be Fabinho anchoring midfield plus one of Gini or Henderson to recycle possession and cover the fullbacks, and one of Ox or Keita to add a bit more incision alongside the industry. Although Keita offers more than that to be honest, just hope he gets a prolonged run in the team again because he’s damn impressive.


Nice selection problem for Klopp to have over the coming weeks.

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