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Liverpool Football Club Thread - Champions 19/20

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City really are pressing and pressing and pressing. I can't see us getting anything here.


They are going to break through at some point.


Well, we are still top. Never forget! Let's get through without injuries or suspensions :)

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4 minutes ago, ryodi said:

Lots of unpunished technical fouls by City. 


Yep they were always going to put in the filth here. Ruffle us and get away with what they can - it's easier to do that at home.


Technically cheating in the transfer market and on the pitch. No wonder they win everything. 


Oof. That could have been a sending off. Lucky that Salah jumped, it was knee high.


I'd prefer less of this, we don't want the injuries.

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Winnie is booked for that? And the leg breaker is the same foul?


Holy fricking shit. About the same as Ferds back push early on.


I always knew this would be a game of controversy, jeez.

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