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Liverpool Football Club Thread - Champions 19/20

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So we're stalling on Salah over £7m it seems.


If he's the player they want, should we just pay it? I think so. Players prices these days are so inflated that it doesn't even seem that much. Mane was only £1m less and people said that was too much, but he's proven to be our best player this season and a great buy. If Salah is a man Klopp wants, just pay the £35m and get him in now for a decent pre season.

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13 hours ago, dogsout said:

The window's not even open yet, lads. Chill your beans. :lol:


See how bad the club is at transfers when they can't actually make any, and then imagine what it'll be like when the window actually opens!


Will be more comical than the Two Ronnie's fork handles sketch.

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13 hours ago, Stigweard said:


And yet other teams have already sorted some of their main signings, ready for the window to open :seanr:


VvD is going to be one of the most sought after players in this window and he reportedly turned both Chelsea and City down in favour of us. And the Salah deal is dragging because we know Roma need to raise some funds by the end of the month in order to comply with FFP. Seems reasonable enough so far. 

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52 minutes ago, Adrock said:

Still reckon van Dijk is likely @dogsout?


I guess I'm just stubborn but I'm still kind of expecting it to resurface later in the summer. All of the talk since the public apology has been that they want £70m and that City aren't prepared to go above £50m. It just all seems tactical to me. I think they're trying to get as much as they can and we're now banking on nobody else coming in (as he'd apparently  already spoken to both City and Chelsea and knocked them back) so that the price falls. 


It's going to be a long window at this rate! 

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The Anfield Wrap had a Times journo on their latest show, predicted Oxlade-Chamberlain joining and that the van Dijk deal still could happen.


Obviously football journalists are always 100% infallible so order them player shirts today!

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