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Liverpool Football Club Thread - Champions 19/20

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I know it's never easy to come on as a sub as a 'keeper, and I know he's got to be low on confidence, but Mignolet really is rubbish. I wouldn't trust him to be able to clear his diary, let alone a cross into the box. And why does he always kick it out to the right, often straight out of play?

Burnley are playing really well, and exactly how we should be capable of - pushing high up the pitch, pressing the ball, breaking with pace and purpose, actually creating chances. We are on the back foot and struggling to get hold of the ball and, when we have it, do anything meaningful.

I know Rodgers has to say he thinks we can get top-4, but we're miles away from it.

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And yet again, there are gaps everywhere. The free shot they just had from the edge of the box. If that goes in are you guys that were solely blaming Skrtel the other day going to blame the defence again? Because the two CMs are stood behind him just watching as he takes the shot. They literally just let him take the shot.

All that playing this wide does is make it harder for us to keep the ball and easier for them to hurt us when they have it. I keep hearing about this philosophy but all I see is basic errors every week.

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So far one of the most complete halves of football I have seen from Liverpool this season.

The system and the personnel just looks right. Henderson as captain works.

It seems it can be a 3-5-3, 5-2-3, 3-2-5 and just interchange as needed. If the win happens, would be nice to see this remain. There even seems to be a solidity towards the back as Lucas and Henderson keep charge of the back 3 and offer protection, allowing the wing backs to push on and offer support. Having Lucas also allows Henderson to push forward when Liverpool control the ball. More of the same please.

Leave Gerrard on the bench as a player that can come on and do damage if needed.

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