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Football thread 2013/14 season


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Most games this tournament Brazil have been ordinary and relied on individual skill mostly to progress. First time they've actually looked like a team really. Spain look pretty much like they did against Italy really, missing Alonso I think.

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Hansen said Fred was overated before the game, what that was based on? Does he watch Brazilian football every week, I had no opinion on Fred, i think Hansen is doing what people in this country sometimes do with players who don't play in the English premier league then write them off based on seeing a handful of games, like Ibrahimovich

Ramos just missed pen

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Wonderful stuff. Spain's chokehold on international football has been so depressing. I really feel as though they just struck on a certain style at the right time in the game, coupled with a slight decline in the traditionally great sides like Brazil and Italy that's allowed them to dominate. It was mercilessly dull though, this is much more fun!

I think we should all take a minute to remember that it was Italy that dared to defy the Spanish behemoth. It was like the end of 300, where Leonidas (Pirlo) wounds Xerxes and proves his mortality before dying and thus setting him up for eventual defeat.

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