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FTL5 - FIFAscum - Day 4 - Game over


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Hmmm might be worth doing! Ill have a ponder, even if its just a seperate thread for confirmed deals and bidding on NON FTLs.

Yeah, I just thought it could get a bit crazy with bids being made left, right and centre mixed in with Mafia chat!

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I second the request for a seperate transfer thread and FifaScum thread! Gonna be tough keeping track of who said what when the accusations start flying.

You're all scum and I'm coming for you!

Am I doing this Mafia thing right?

Well you've already made yourself look like The Agent, so no, not really. ;)

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The Roles


- Sepp Blatter (Godfather) You make the final decision on who FIFA want to see sacked and also make the call on key decisions regarding how you can sabotage the FMA.

- Michel Platini (Investigator) - Targets 1 person and will see what he or she did that night or what happened to them.

- David Bernstein (Recruiter) You can recruit the FIFA wannabe from the FMA. (You will be sacked though if you enquire about the Agent, who doesnt take those who pry into his business lightly.)

- Mike Binks (Vanilla) - You are a standard member of the FIFA crew.

Just saw this :D

Do my name proud unknown guy!

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Steely - are we to name one transfer request at a time whilst posting?

Or can I post a job lot of x12 in the hope that nobody can absorb all that information, do the sums, and then come back at me within 20 minutes?!

And also, when does the window shut?

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Family Shola


Portsmouth have completed a triple signing as more names come to Fratton Park.

Brothers Shola and Sammy Ameobi arrived from Newcastle earlier today with their friend, Ryan Taylor.

A deal was reached at £6M for all three, with Taylor making up £5.9M of the deal.

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I'll set up a transfer thread when I get home

(All confirmed transfers so far will be moved into it)

Managers will only be able to have a maximum of 5 non ftl / ffa support players at any one time that they hold the highest bid on.

Managers may not hold the highest bid on more non ftl or fifa support players than their maximum allocation of that type of player allows. Any bids for players over that allocation will be negated.

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Mardigan is not allowed to open any bids on NON FTL and Fifa Trust players until Saturday but he is allowed to bid on other peoples.

"He has broken rule 64.J2 which I just pulled out of my back pocket, deal with it."

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