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FTL5 - FIFAscum - Day 4 - Game over


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1. Millwall

2. Barnet

3. Sheffield Wednesday

Alright Sepp Blatter, who the hell has Man City and Chelsea as two of their three favourite teams in British football!?! Especially when you don't support either?

liked Chelsea for years and a have family in Manchester who are city fans so what's your point? And how do u no a dont support them? Ok a will change it just for u pants rangers,Oxford,Bradford.
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Because you picked Rangers first! So you support Rangers, right? It's more that they're considered the two most evil teams in English Football. Don't change it on my behalf! :D


They are the most evil club in world football, hands down!

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FTL 5 - The teams!

209.png AlfromSleep - Aberdeen

389.png Baring - Middlesbrough

245.png Cary Brown - Rangers

155.png Jamin - Liverpool

409.png Manic - Newcastle

393.png Mardigan - Celtic

376.png Mitchell - Sheffield Wednesday

704.png Pants - Millwall

298.png Pompey - Pompey

212.png Rocafella - Brighton

210.png Sith - Manchester United

375.png Steely - Swansea

295.png Timmo - Derby

345.png Tomakasatnav - Manchester City

229.png Wincho - Everton

413.png XYZgames - Arsenal

Oh and Im sorry Winch but Evertons new badge? Lulz.

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Oh and Im sorry Winch but Evertons new badge? Lulz.

Fans were not happy so board have agreed to change it again next season to inlclude our famous motto and date club was formed. Too late for this season though as mercandise all printed etc but 'nil satis' will be back next season

People's club innit

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