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FTL5 - FIFAscum - Day 4 - Game over

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Non vanilla 5/5
Sith (confirmed)
Me (confirmed)
Baring (confirmed)
Mardigan (claimed)
Timmo (claimed)

Graham (confirmed)
Al (confirmed)

Tomaka (claimed)
Roca (claimed)
Manic (claimed)
Cary (claimed)

So we now know that 1 of the below are Sepp -





Manic and Roca both voted Jamin off - Cary an tomaka didn't vote

Can someone trawl back and see how these people voted on other sackings pls

I am almost certain Manic is telling the truth - he says he hasn't got a fucking clue and I know him - I believe him.

Roca has been really active and I cant' find anything where he's put any of the power players in the firing line so I believe him to be telling the truth

tomaka was very quick to put me in the firing line the minute it was mentioned and posted a couple of things when the heat went off me a bit just to get it back on again so I am suspicious of him to be honest........and that leaves Cary

This game has been an utter disaster for FIFA since the first night - my theory is that it was a disaster the minute random.org pumped Cary's name out as Sepp. He is not the most frequent poster and I don't think he's devious enough to be able to carry out the role of head of FIFA

Whilst Jamin was still alive, the game still flowed as he would have been pushing things along and making the suggestions as to what to do next etc and just simply getting the nod from Cary

Jamin got sacked yesterday leaving Sepp on his own.

Steely the had to extend the night phase 'due to stragglers'

What he really meant is Cary hadn't bothered picking anyone to sack (we already know Sith didn't do anything either but not sure the night phase would have been extended for an FMA power to be used given how far ahead we are) and as such the night had to be extended while Steely nagged him to play the game.

Add to that the punishment of not being allowed to nominate any non ftls handed out to Mardigan who is managing Celtic and the fact that Cary is a Rangers fan

I say we vote Cary out

Vote - Cary

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Might just be worth someone else (Timmo / Mardigan?) trawling through and making sure I'm not missing something with Roca - no offence dude

I'm certain about Manic but not absolutely 100% on Roca. 95% though

My order goes -





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NB - If I am wrong on Cary

Sith must absolutely follow tomaka in the next night phase

If Sith then gets sacked, we know it's tomaka (Lawyer don't protect him)

If he doesn't, he can report back whether tom visited anyone - if he did visit someone, it's tom, if he didn't then it's Roca

PS - My power is useless now as Sepp shows as Vanilla and we already know he's 1 of 4 people saying they are Vanilla


Cary = 3 (Wincho, Roca and Manic)

How many do we need Steely?

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Nope, that's fair enough. You haven't investigated me, so there's no way of knowing I'm telling the truth for sure.

I don't think Cary has voted for any of Fifa, or been voted/highlighted by them. Can't remember about Tom, not sure if he's even voted at all.

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Had a look back and the only thing that sticks out with Roca is that he was one of the first to vote for Jamin before he got sacked so I doubt he is Sepp.

Why on earth Cary has voted for Timmo when we have clearly shown that Tomaka is the next suspect I have no idea. Lets close this day down lads. I also vote Cary.

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Cary Brown is Sepp Blatter


Day 1 the FMA wiped out one of there own in Graham, using thw Rangers ties due to the fact a Celtic man was hindered, ignoring the fact that Cary was actually using Rangers in this FTL.

Night 2 it all went tits up for FIFA they aimed to take out the experienced Roca sending Pompey to do the dirty work but Baring the Blocker had set his sights on Pompey stopping him from moving, Pants also took a shine to Pompey and went to set him up, catching him in the act with Le Tis.

Jamin followed Pants at this point so caught him setting up one of his own members and Sith also caught Jamin visiting Pants but he had no further detail than that. Oh and Timmo was sat protecting Mardigan and Wincho was shown Barings identity.

Day 2 saw Al get the chop once more for failing to defend himself with any conviction. Sith posted a few cryptic posts about Jamin and Pants which Jamin denied being able to do so which would ultimately lead to his downfall.

Night 2 confident they had the agent pinned after Jamin had caught him in the act, Sepp went to set up Pants by himself, but not before Pants the agent took out XYZ. Wincho learned Pants was the agent, Timmo protected Mardigan again and Sith followed Wincho. To top off a terrible night for FIFA Baring had Jamin blocked.

Day 3 it all starts to fall into place, Sith knew Jamin visited Pants the night before Pants got the chop, which blasted huge holes in Jamins Vanilla claims the FMA trusted Sith and had Jamins head, which left Sepp all on his own in night 3.

Night 3 Sepp took out Baring, Wincho discovered Mardigan was the FIFA wannabe,Timmo protected Sith and Sith was too late in getting a response in.

Day4 Sepp hadnt got involved a great deal in discussion and going on the level of info already acrewed the desicion was a fairly simple one for the FMA. Sepps time was up.

Thanks for playing folks.

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Awesome work Steely and well played everyone.

Loved that I picked out Pompey and Jamin as Fifa :D I also had Cary down too but that was obvious in the end.

Well played Wincho and Sith when you both finally posted lol and also the lads who got involved a lot.

That will never happen again for the good side, not that easy anyway. Near enough every time I've played the baddies have won.

Sure we got a lot of luck but the power roles really played a big part and were used well.

Steely you gonna sort another during the season?

Oh and what's our reward? :D

Ps: I reckon if Wincho or Timmo were Sepp this would have been a lot harder. It shows how important posting and getting involved is.

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