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FTL5 - FIFAscum - Day 4 - Game over


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FIFAscum - Day One - FIFA vs FMA vs The Agent

The football world is on its knees and in serious need of a clean up!

With those at the top taking bribes and having itself governed by mercenaries it is slap bang in the middle of its darkest days, minnows are rising ready to step into the shoes of fallen giants all in the name of unfair financial play.

Sepp Blatter and his merry band of FIFA executives have had to go into hiding, hiding in plain sighting, taking office in 4 clubs within the FTL. They are still pulling the strings from behind the scenes not quite ready to relinquish control.

There are 10 true upstanding FMA members amongst you, the good guys, who must try and whittle out the imposters, Sepp and his cronies before they cause even more damage.

1 amongst you is a filthy Agent, who is only in it for himself, be wary of him, he is a threat to you all.

The first day ends at 17:00 on Tuesday 23rd July 2013

You have all been PMed your roles, please read the rules below once again, if you have any general questions pop them in here, if you have any role specific questions put it in the PM.

So how it works:

Days and Nights.


Everyone in the thread is to discuss matters to try and figure out who is part of FIFA.

There is an open vote on who you think is a member of FIFA and once that vote reaches a majority that person is kicked out of the FMA and their true identity is revealed. If no majority is reached then you all live to fight another day.

If a majority vote is reached earlier than the time stated for night then we go into the night period early.


The FIFA PM thread is opened for discussion between its members, they will then have the option to set up a fall guy meaning, get someone sacked during the night time phase.

Also at this point those of you with specific night talents can put them into practise.

Once daytime begins, the aftermath of what went on during the night will be revealed to all and those of you who carried out night time activities will get there results.

Then the cycle repeats...

Win Situation

-The FMA win when the Agent and the FIFA members have all been fired.

-FIFA win when they control the majority vote and the Agent have been fired.

-The Agent wins when he is the last man standing.

The Roles


- Sepp Blatter (Godfather) You make the final decision on who FIFA want to see sacked and also make the call on key decisions regarding how you can sabotage the FMA.

- Michel Platini (Investigator) - Targets 1 person and will see what he or she did that night or what happened to them.

- David Bernstein (Recruiter) You can recruit the FIFA wannabe from the FMA. (You will be sacked though if you enquire about the Agent, who doesnt take those who pry into his business lightly.)

- Mike Binks (Vanilla) - You are a standard member of the FIFA crew.

10 FMA:

- FIFA Wannabe - You can attempt to find the Mafia recruiter at night, if you target the Agent though, he will end you.

- Follower You can choose to follow someone at night, you wont know what they have done but you will be told who they visited or who visited them.

- Private Investigator You will be shown someones true identity, be careful on how vocal you are the next day when uncovering a FIFA member; if you over expose yourself you will be a prime target for them.

- Though when/if you Investigate Sepp and he will show as a Vanilla Town.

- Lawyer You can choose to protect someone from being sacked during a night phase, which will stop them from being set up by the Agent or the FIFA members.

-If both FIFA and the Agent target the same person you are protecting, you will also be sacked.

-If you are targeted as well as the person you are protecting, you will save the person but be sacked yourself afterwards.

- Blocker You prevent a person from moving at night.

- Vanilla x5 You are vanilla, the night time is a quiet and scary time for you!

The Agent!

- Its you against the world! Once everyone else has been sacked you will take your rightful place as head of all things football. You can set people up during the night to be sacked in the morning. (saaaacked in the mooorning!)


-Please do not discuss FIFAscum matters outside of the thread. Same rules apply to once you are sacked, as what you tell people could very well ruin the game for everyone else involved.

-No PMing allowed, unless you are a member of FIFA then you will be allowed during the weekend phase, those with non vanilla roles can obviously PM me.

-Once you are sacked, obviously you can still post about the league and your results but do not get involved in the FIFAscum side of things.

-If you have any questions please post them in the thread, if they are key to your role, please PM me.

-Do not post anything I tell you from a PM conversation in the thread!

--- Take this opportunity to breathe or have a quick snack... then please continue reading... ---

FTL5 - Transfers and Gameplay

The Spreadsheet with all the info can be found here.


Note: This was built using the rosters from a couple of weeks ago! So I hope you saved them! If not, please tweak your own team to match the one in the spread. Some of you will have to tweak your teams anyway ;) (Jamin, Sith, Graham etc.)

Buying and Selling players

In the attached spreadsheet you will find your budgets for transfers and wages, as well as a list of players in the game and their minimum values and wages

As usual, a player cannot be sold for less than their asking price but can be sold for more. You must also have the funds in your wages account to pay their wages.

You can buy and sell as many players as you like providing your squad does not have more than 40, or less than 17 players in it

If you cannot sell your players but need to shift them off your roster, you can pay their contract off by paying for their asking price with your own funds, which will send them into the world of the FIFA Support rosta, this may also be helpful in freeing up wages as well as freeing up squad space.

Buying players owned by other FTL Managers

These deals can be confirmed at any time during the transfer window -

When announcing a done deal, post in the thread and the opposition manager has to agree it, once done it will be added to the spreadsheet by myself or Wincho.

Buying players not owned by another FTL Manager (Non FTL / FIFA Support)

These deals can only be concluded between the hours of 8pm and midnight each day of the transfer window - see explanation below

All Available NON FTLs are listed in the spreadsheet.

All Available FIFA Support players are in the spreadsheet. These are players who have been pushed or forced out of FTL clubs. (From the likes of Liverpool and United etc.)

The number of NON FTLs and also FIFA Support players available to each manager are listed on the spreadsheet, this only counts as used when you actually buy a player.


1. Post the details of player you would like to buy, stating clearly you want to purchase him. (Team-Name-Price-Wage)

2. If no one outbids you within 20 minutes (Forum posting times) then you will win that player

3. If you are outbid, the clock restarts with the latest bid restarting the timer back to 20 minutes.

IMPORTANT - this 20 minute window is suspended during the hours of 12.01am and 7.59pm. During this time the 20 minute clock is paused (this is to ensure no-one sneaks on and bids on all the players they want whilst everyone else is asleep or at work)

Managers are welcome to nominate new players our raise the bid amount on players nominated by other managers during this 'down time' but a winning bid must have spent 20 minutes between 8pm and midnight as the highest bid to secure the player.


To outbid someone you MUST quote the post you are outbidding and state your new bid price.

Minimum Bid Increases

Less than 5.0M = 0.1

5M - 10M = 0.5

10M+ = 1M


Anyone spotted doing so will be fined as it will cause a lot of confusion, so please be certain you have got it right when you bid.


The season will be divided into 2, the first half of the season and second half.

You will be given a set of 7 then 8 fixtures to play within the time frames, which you can play in any order at any speed, though try not to cram them all into week 1! And also dont leave them till too late!

If its getting close to the deadline and people still have a fairly hefty pile of fixtures to wade through, the Winchcruncher has been granted permission to do some...crunching.


There will be no Magic sponges this time around; instead we are not starting with a round of random crippling of players to balance it out. There are only 2 random injuries to start of with across the league, 1 each for Mardigan and Roca for accidentally playing an injured player last season.

Please ensure the injuries are reported in your match reports and once players are injured that they dont feature in any more games until after the mid season window.

All injuries have one outcome and that is to rule your player out for the remainder of that half of the season.

(If the injury is after the midseason window their season be done)


-DO MATCH REPORTS INCLUDING ALL REQUIRED INFO! (Score, injuries, cards, for both teams. (You must state none if there are none.))





Playing an Injured Player:

1st offence - Player is ruled out for the remainder of the season, if the player is already ruled out for that length of time, another key player will also be chosen and ruled out for the remainder of the season. (+1 Random Injury next season)

2nd offence Player is ruled out for the remainder of the season plus 2 more (+2 random injuries next season)

3rd offence Player is ruled out for the remainder of the season plus 2 more. (+3 random injuries next season)

4th offence Potential removal from the league.

If an injured player is spotted and then removed early in the fixture (pre 20 minutes) the player must miss one additional game, the opposing manager can decide to restart the match at this point or continue if they like. If its post 20 minutes then the above rules apply.

Used a Custom Formation

1st Offence Docked 3 points. -10% Funds

2nd Offence Docked 6 points -25% Funds

3rd Offence Potential removal from the league.

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Haha the idea was there. The legs fell off at the half time clean sheets thing >< the stats was never on the site making it rather difficult to track ans by putting it off and off until there was an easier way I completely lost it. Ill be closing it out at the end of the season probably without the halftime clean sheet thing thats been the bane of it!

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In its most basic terms...

Out of the 13 players (Im not part of it Im the moderator)

For example sake 3 mafia and 10 normal. (Only the mafia know who is in the mafia.)

It is the mafias objective to eliminate all the non mafia players and the normal players objective to eliminate mafia.

All the players at the end of each game day have a vote on who they think is mafia, that person is then sacked and there true identity revealed.

Then there is a brief night time period where the mafia can bump someone off.

And this continues until only 1 group remains.

There are more roles within it but Ill leave that for now. :P

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I've read your first post at least four times now Steely and I now genuinely think you're trolling us. Could you do an even simpler explanation of the rules? :P

Two teams - the 'Town' and the 'Mafia'.

The Town have to kill the Mafia and vice versa. They do this by killing one member of the other side each night.

Except the 'Town' don't know which players are a member of the 'Mafia'. They have to figure it out by dissecting everyone's posts looking for clues.

It's full of lies, accusations, falsehoods, cheating and fucking over your mates. it's PERFECT for the Football League folder.

Edit: Yeah wot Steely said.

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Sweet. And where does the FIFA come into it?!

The mafia will have a large part to play in terms of teams. They will ensure players are banned, fin reasons to issue points deductions, issue financial penalties along with some nice things like increasing a teams youth facilitys attracting hotter prospects and allowing teams to take on emergency loans etc.

Would they give there own teams a financial penalty to throw the normal players off the scent though! Or give someone who is innocent better youth facilities in hope the normal players will take the bait and vote them out.

Thats how itll effect the xbox and league side of things.

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Sith isnt part if the game Winch...

So by all means go ahead.

Sorry Timmo looks like you have just missed out.

We have 11/14 current FTL players confirmed.

3 left to confirm Graham, Sith and Jazzy

4 waiting Tomaka, Pompey, Mitchell, Timmo.

Ill give those who are current players till midnight to declare themselves in.

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