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E3 - Microsoft Conference Thread (June 10th - UK: 17:30 / EU 18:30)


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Major Nelson just tweeted that MGS5 is an Xbox exclusive, then he swiftly deleted it.

And then retracted it. MS people not knowing their arses from their elbows shock.

Man if they're dedicating this much time to World of fecking Tanks they must not have much else to show

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Join the Rllmuk Steam chat!

1) Open Steam, highlight your name at the top of the window, and choose "Groups".

2) Click "Browse groups" and then enter "Rllmuk" into the search box in the top right and press return.

3) Click the Rllmuk public group

4) Click the blue button that says "Enter chat room"

5) Masturbate furiously

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