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E3 - Sony Conference Thread (June 11th - UK: 02:00 / EU: 03:00)


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In a twist on the PS1 E3 reveal, Sony's entire conference will be 1 hour and 59 minutes of 'loading the crowd', before Kaz walks on stage, says "399", and walks back off.

It would be worth it just to see Keighley gradually implode.

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While we're waiting for the main event to start, a brief musical interlude:

Should have written that about the Bone really, and it might not have been completely wrong. And yeah, it is a repeat, but that's what you get for not funding the developer so he can make new stuff.

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I'm just posting it for those unaware or coming late:

Join the Rllmuk Steam chat!

1) Open Steam, highlight your name at the top of the window, and choose "Groups".

2) Click "Browse groups" and then enter "Rllmuk" into the search box in the top right and press return.

3) Click the Rllmuk public group

4) Click the blue button that says "Enter chat room"

5) Masturbate furiously

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Good afternoon everyone. Keep your browser locked to this page for all the action from the PlayStation E3 2013 Press Conference. The event itself kicks off at 2.00am BST/3.00am CET, though the broadcast will begin at 1.30am/2.30am.


WHy are you doing this?! I had 4 hours sleep last night and now this?The PS4 better be fucking amazing for this.

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