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E3 - Sony Conference Thread (June 11th - UK: 02:00 / EU: 03:00)


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All the years of hard work by J. Allard and everyone that gave their best to build up the Xbox brand, shattered by a bunch of fucking suits. Disgraceful really.

I blame that Phil Harrison chap, wherever he goes disaster isn't too far behind.

What are you watching?

It was on the YouTube stream, right at the the end of the post-conference round-up. I'll have a look for it...

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The Eye isn't even bundled the PS4? Man, the news about this system just keeps getting better and better.

Edit: If anyone is interested, the RRP for the controller is $59/€59/£54 and the Eye $59/€49/£44.

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Can someone do the non-crazies (who went to bed at usual time) a bullet list? ROBO ONE UPDATE THAT FIRST POST.

So, all I've got so far is:

- £350

- PS+ required for multiplayer

- Free Driveclub with PS+

- Nothing to stop traditional second hand sales

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Sony just took a shit all over ms, fucking hell everything ms done wrong sony done right.

It's not even that. All that MS did wrong they just didn't do and stayed the same as they have always been. Plus the price. They still kept some games up their sleeves i think and had more than enough. And looking into it, PS+ is amazingly good value, even without driveclub.

Edit: is that the slot drive?

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Here's the ironic thing. With their new attitude and that price...Sony is going to leapfrog MS in the battle for the living room.

You want a trojan horse delivered the best way is to sell it as "look at this sweet wooden horse, don't you want this in your town square?"

Not "We have this horse full of soldiers who are going to totally take over your town. Now open the gates you stupid plebs."

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