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Bargain gaming glasses


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A mere £88.99 for fucking glasses to help you game better

Rocket Propelled Gaming. This massive frame hides an ultra detailed quad-core hinge design. Dual rail construction supports twin spring assemblies on each side, providing perfect fit and an expansive viewing field. Add an ergonomic twist with adjustable nose pads and deceptively light magnesium-aluminum armoring. Held in place by the grip of thermoplastic rubber, RPG is ready for action. Have a blast.




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You jest, but I've had a look at the list of features and these glasses do things like "not slip off your face" and "have lenses which are secure in the frame."

I don't know about you, but I'm sick of having to put my lenses back in my glasses every four minutes when they inexplicably fall out. It's about time someone thought "I know, why don't we make some glasses where the lenses are secured in place rather than precariously balancing them there?"

And that's before you consider the fact that the design is "suitable for many face shapes." I'm sure we've all suffered the pain of being in the optician's when they measure your head and sort through their range of hundreds to give you a choice of but two pairs of glasses which will fit. "If only they'd made them adjustable," they say, resigned.

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