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Wolfenstein: The New Order - Gib mir!


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MachineGames Forges A New Chapter For This Celebrated Franchise

May 7, 2013 (London, UK) Bethesda Softworks®, a ZeniMax® Media company, today announced a new title, Wolfenstein®: The New OrderTM, an action-adventure shooter slated for release in Q4 2013. The game is being developed by MachineGamesTM, a studio comprised of seasoned developers known for creating compelling, critically-acclaimed story-driven games. Wolfenstein has been widely credited for helping establish and popularize the first-person shooter genre, and Wolfenstein: The New Order is a reimagining of this franchise offering players a gripping and dramatic experience. The official announcement trailer can be seen today at Gamereactor.dk, .fi, .no and .se.

Wolfenstein: The New Order is scheduled for release on Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, PC, and next generation consoles. Additional details about the game will be revealed in a series of exclusive feature stories with Gamereactor.dk, .fi, .no and .se beginning on Wednesday, May 8th.

We are excited to bring a new chapter of Wolfenstein to gamers everywhere, said Jens Matthies, creative director at MachineGames. As fans of the series, working on this game is an honor, and our team is driven to create an unforgettable action-adventure experience that will make FPS fans proud.

About ZeniMax Media Inc.
ZeniMax Media is a privately owned media organization headquartered outside Washington DC with international publishing offices in London, Paris, Frankfurt, Eindhoven, Hong Kong, and Tokyo. Through its subsidiaries, ZeniMax Media creates and publishes original interactive entertainment content for consoles, the PC, and handheld/wireless devices. ZeniMax Media divisions include Bethesda Softworks, Bethesda Game Studios, id Software, Arkane Studios, Tango Gameworks, MachineGames, Battlecry Studios, ZeniMax Europe Ltd., ZeniMax Asia K.K., ZeniMax Asia Pacific Limited and ZeniMax Online Studios. For more information on ZeniMax Media, visit www.zenimax.com.

About Bethesda Softworks
Bethesda Softworks, part of the ZeniMax Media Inc. family of companies, is a worldwide publisher of interactive entertainment software. Titles featured under the Bethesda label include such blockbuster franchises as The Elder Scrolls®, DOOM®, QUAKE®, Fallout®, Wolfenstein®,
Dishonored®, Prey® and RAGE®. For more information on Bethesda Softworks products, visit www.bethsoft.com.

About MachineGames
Established in 2009 by former founding members of Starbreeze Studios, MachineGames was acquired by ZeniMax Media in 2010. MachineGames is developing Wolfenstein: The New Order on id Softwares revolutionary id Tech® 5 technology. MachineGames is located in Uppsala, Sweden.

MachineGames, The Elder Scrolls, Skyrim, Bethesda Game Studios, Dishonored, Arkane, The Evil Within, PsychoBreak, Tango, Tango Gameworks, Battlecry Studios, Prey, Bethesda Softworks, Bethesda, ZeniMax and their related logos are registered trademarks or trademarks of ZeniMax Media Inc. in the United States and/or in other countries. Fallout is a registered trademark or trademark of Bethesda Softworks LLC in the United States and/or in other countries. id, id Software, id Tech, DOOM, QUAKE, Wolfenstein and RAGE are registered trademarks or trademarks of id Software LLC in the United States and/or in other countries. Other product and company names referenced herein may be trademarks of their respective owners. All Rights Reserved.

Wolfenstein®: The New Order is a fictional story set in an alternate universe in the 1960s. Names, characters, organizations, locations and events are either imaginary or depicted in a fictionalized manner. The story and contents of this game are not intended to and should not be construed in any way to condone, glorify or endorse the beliefs, ideologies, events, actions, persons or behavior of the Nazi regime or to trivialize its war crimes, genocide, and other crimes against humanit

John Carmack ‏@ID_AA_Carmack 4m

Machinegames has some of the sharpest developers we have ever worked with, both passionate and pragmatic. Doing Wolfenstein proud.

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Yep, Machinegames are the team behind Riddick/The Darkness, so HOLY GOD am i on board with this.

I love Wolfenstein. My only concern is Riddick/Darkness werent great at the actual shooting element, and Wolf 2009 had Raven knocking it out of the park as far as shooting goes, so itll be interesting to see how the gunplay feels in this.

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360 is so next-gen.

Killzone: Not In Space :lol:

did the last wolfenstein game have the wacky multiplayer with the beach landing and stuff? that was my favorite part of RTCW.

The last Wolfenstein had the worst MP known to humankind. It's so unbelievably terrible.
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like that's the reason people buy wolfenstein games?

RTCW had decent multiplayer and the stand alone Enemy Territory had a loooooooot of fans too. Meh is right in that Wolf 2009s multi was bloody awful, though Raven weren't responsible for that. I believe the guys that made the multi were shut down shortly afterwards.

I'm looking forward to this but also remain skeptical. I better not be fighting mostly machines or Mechs in this, Nazis heads need to explode like in Wolf 2009 please!

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Return to Castle Wolfenstein's multiplayer wasn't merely decent, it was off the hook motherfuckin amazing! I played the beach and gondola maps for a year straight. The chaos in that radio room, people dropping from vents , storming the front, while venom miniguns and videogamings-still-most-amazing-flamethrower roast and swiss cheese the allies as they come pouring in...some bloke going round shanking all the corpses and throwing nades so they can't be revived...the heart in mouth dash to the radio room once you got the documents - and the horror as you're sniped from the other end of the map from a crafty sniper on the cliffs where the boats spawn. Also, hiding in the air vent and BBQing any soldiers that dare enter the funnel of death...probably still the most fun MP game I've ever played.

In contrast to 2009 Wolfenstein Multiplayer - WTF IS THIS SHIT?

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That's what I hope they're using - I always thought it would become the next COD engine but it never happened.

It says in the press release that it's using the RAGE engine. RAGE was so good in terms of the weaponry, movement and everything else, it was a really robust shooter with a shit story and not enough actual game. I'd love for someone to make a proper FPS with the engine.

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I can just see the boardroom that cooked this up now...

"What? You mean we have an IP which can be used to make a gritty, 'adult'-but-actually-for-14-year-olds first-person shooter with a moody colour palette, and we're not currently using it!?!? Get on it now!!"

EDIT: Sorry for the cynicism, it might be amazing in the trailer - just the screenshot totally put me off.

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