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Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros.

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I found a bit bloated. Battles are fun, with some smart additions (some of the moves are a little more involved this time), but it's not quite as funny or inventive as the others, and it definitely begins to drag after about the halfway mark. It's between this and Partners in Time for the weakest M+L RPG - I still think Superstar Saga is probably the best, just ahead of Bowser's Inside Story.

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Yeah, Superstar Saga is definitely the best of this series, although if you compare it to all the other Mario RPGs, nothing beats The Thousand Year Door :)

Thousand Year Door was sooo good. I think Intelligent Systems is working on the codename steam game right? Or have I got totally mixed up. I want a new paper mario on the Wii U :(

Is Superstar Saga on the Wii U virtual console or 3DS only?

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I bought this ages ago when the Nintendo Store incorrectly priced a bunch of stuff and, after a very brief stint when I initially downloaded it, have resumed play.

The level design is incredibly uninspired, isn't it? After quickly checking How Long To Beat and checking a walkthrough to see whereabouts I am, I really don't think I can sink another 30+ hours into this if the Pi'illo dream levels mostly consist of two platforms and three enemies.

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The original game was really tightly made and still great fun to play. It's a shame with each new release they become more bloated with even more obnoxious tutorial systems. I'm still hopeful about Paper Jam but the quality of Nintendo portable releases this year hasn't been brilliant.

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This is good. Though the formula is starting to get a little stale, the battles are great fun as ever. Timing attacks, evasions and looking for enemy cues is engaging, and it's all handled with bags of charm. The 'dream world' element adds some variety to how battles work, with extra movement and larger groups of enemies. I appreciate the change. Elsewhere, the game is very similar to the last one, including once again "Giant" battles that use the touch screen. These are a nice idea but I find them very slow.


In fact, the game as a whole is quite slow, with overly-explained mechanics, too many dialogue boxes and tutorials. I recall Bowser's Inside Story was similar in this regard, though it's been a while since I played it. The game doesn't let you explore your own failures, it overly-directs you and robs you of that sense of discovery. It's also not particularly difficult. I've 'died' once so far. Every enemy, boss and puzzle seems ridiculously easy - I never seem to be in any danger of losing fights and I've barely touched any of the support items I've accumulated throughout my playthrough. Unless you're spectacularly poor at timing your button presses, I don't think anyone would struggle to finish this.

(Subject to change when I reach the end...)


I also think something has been lost in the writing. It's... fine, but it doesn't sing off the screen with the unique flavour the original did. A few characters have little quirks to how they speak (and the bros' warbles are as hilarious as ever), but the dialogue is often perfunctory and flat. It's not bad but it doesn't make me smile like, say, some of Fawful's dialogue from Superstar Saga. When NPCs are talking, I often think "just get to the point!".


I'm sounding down on it, but I think that's just because the first game set such a high standard. This is still really good, maybe a touch worse than the last one. I'd probably rank them thus: SS>BIS>DTB>PIT.


I must say, the music is phenominal. The dreamy battle music, in particular, is incredible. It doesn't even sound like a typical Nintendo tune, it sounds like something Sega would have come up with in a retro-themed game, like a track from Sonic Mania. Some of the other music is a little twee or over-familiar, but then you get something like the background music from the Somnom Woods area with its haunting orchestral symphonies and choir-backed 'vocals' creating a unique mood for this late-game location. Damn, I don't often stop to appreciate the music in games but this has pricked my ears several times.


How much of the game is left after the


Giant Zeekeeper battle?

I'm at around 32 hours so far...

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And finished. The last 'area' of the game is absolutely massive, and mildly challenging at least. Nothing compared to Superstar Saga's finale, but still.

I rescued all the Pi'illo Folk, but missed a few buried beans and one jigsaw puzzle.


There's a hard mode unlocked for finishing the game once, but it's a bit late now, I'm not playing through a 40 hour RPG twice!

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