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The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds


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Goddammit, that's beautiful.

I've been leaning towards picking up a Vita for Xmas to take advantage of the instant game collection on PSN, but I think I'll have to get that Triforce DS along with the new Pokemon game now.

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That Zelda 3DSXL looks great, but Nintendo's lack of a proper account system is why I won't be shifting from my Standard 3DSXL for some time. I've already shifted all my content twice so I don't want to use my remaining transfers unless I have to, & my hope is that Nintendo will implement a proper system like iTunes or PSN in time. Hey, I'd be much more likely to buy limited edition systems like that if that was the case.

Still, Link Between Worlds Eh? Looks fantastic. My Pre-Order is in. ^_^

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Game special edition:



  • Zelda LBTW boxed copy
  • Link's Awakening digital download code (you recive this instatly after purchase as a code)
  • Zelda musical cartridge chest
  • A0 glossy exclusive artwork poster
  • (box says + DLC (see shield at bottom)?!?
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Note that because of the download code being sent instantly you can't cancel your preorder once you've placed it.

Not that I am going to cancel it but isn't that a bit dodgy from a legal point of view.

Anyway..bought and already have the code. I'm such a sucker for Zelda limited editions. Even though I have a Wii U that Play offer is tempting me.

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