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The Titanfall Thread


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Respawn Entertainment has trademarked the name Titan, possibly hinting at the title of its first game. According to a trademark application filed on April 15th, Titan refers to video and computer game programs; video games discs; video game software.

Respawn was founded by Infinity Ward co-founders Jason West and Vince Zampella back in 2010 after their departure from Infinity Ward. Previously, a blurry image was the only thing shown from Respawns game, though Zampella teased an upcoming E3 reveal back in February. Last month, West left the company.

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Joystiq have it:

We may know a tiny, tiny bit more about the first game from Respawn Entertainment, the company formed by Jason West and Vince Zampella after the duo's famous firing from Infinity Ward and Activision. The studio has trademarked the word "Titan" for use in video games. Beyond this single word, presumably a title, all we've had to go on is a pair of blurry screenshots and one very close-up image of what appear to be a mouse and gun barrel.

Given Zampella and West's involvement with Call of Duty though West is no longer with the studio it wouldn't be too surprising if the game ended up being a shooter. Whatever it is, Respawn and publisher Electronic Arts should finally be showing it off at E3 this summer.

One cheeky note regarding Titan: That's also reportedly the code name for Blizzard's next MMO, a game belonging to Activision.


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Apparently this game's full name is Titanfall. Or maybe TitanFall. Or xXTiTaNfAlL420Xx


A NeoGAF user accidentally received the next digital issue of Game Informer from Google Play even though it's still a week out. I imagine more details will emerge from that thread, but apparently it's coming to Xbox One, 360 and PC; whilst obviously not covered by the magazine, the current rumour is that the game will come to PS4 after a timed exclusivity period.

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Doesn't sound like a PS4 version will be coming. Someone on Gaf has gone through the article.

A lot of the article has to do with Respawn's origins, actually.

So here's the exclusivity mention: They thought working on PS4, Xbox One and PC would prove too difficult for a small team, so they decided to focus on one console instead of two. (er...). "Not to say we won't [go multiplatform] in the future, but for our first game we wanted to focus on making the best game we could."

GI points how that the Xbox One has 5GB of GDDR3 ram available to devs, whereas PS4 has 8GB DDR5 ram, and asks if that's a problem for Respawn. He says they're having trouble even using the 5GB efficiently with all the new architecture tricks. (that is to say, even if they had 8GB they wouldn't know how to use it properly at this stage of development)

GI: "What XBox One lacks in RAM, it potentially makes up for in cloud computing." Talks about how the game will have unlimited dedicated servers for the game, offloading "a few dozen AI" and physics, says the game would be impossible without the cloud and wouldn't have attempted it. Still dealing with unfinished hardware and software, so it's "still a little rough going at times."

Sounds like MS has this locked down as a console exclusive.

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Info from GAF:

- Xbox One, PC

- Xbox 360 version developed by someone else

- Planned to target current gen, but realized that they couldn't run it

- Started to look into next gen and the answer they got from Microsoft intrigued them

- They said they needed to focus on fewer hardware. In the future they are open to more. They don't specify if it would this project or another.

- Plan to use Microsoft's Cloud for dedicated servers and physics and AI calculations

- Spring 2014 Release Date

- To my eyes it looks visually very nice.

- First person shooter

- "Mech" and ground combat

- "Mech's" are called Titans.

- They want these Titans to feel fast. They can dodge etc.

- If you don't want to pilot the Titan you can have it follow you, killing people as it goes along.

- Player characters are called Pilots

- They are extremely agile. Can run on walls, multiple jumps.

- They can take down Titans. Jumping on them and shooting the "brain".

- You need to be cunning as a pilot. "Hit and fade" tactics is the term the game director uses.

- Pilots come equipped with a variety of weapons. Pistol, Assault Rifle, Anti-Titan Rocket Launcher, data knife used to hack AI characters into joining you.

- There are AI enemies on the maps.

- You survive longer than in COD. Making it more welcoming to newcomers.

- Source Engine. Building new engine = too much time.

- Source gives them 60 fps

- Rewrote aspects of it for next gen

- Article talks about the process of forming the team, being fired, prototyping ideas etc. I recommend reading it.

- Going for a District 9 or Blade Runner vibe.

- Integrate memorable single player moments into a multiplayer game.

- Storytelling style will be more Left 4 Dead.

- Humans segregated between Earth and frontier planets. Corporation trying to take the resources of these frontier people.

"Hulking 24-foot tall mechs concentrate heavy fire on anything that moves while lithe soldiers zip across the map with a swiftness normally reserved for superheroes"

"Legions of AI soldiers pour in and out of buildings on a large-scale battlefield as dropships deliver reinforcements from above"

Weapons of soldiers can vaporize multiple targets at once, but the mechs can repel shots back.

Blurs line between competitive multiplayer and single player.

"The titans move at the speed of a regular soldier in many first person shooters and feature an array of heavy firepower that make them formidable adversaries in open space"

Titans best offense is good defense.

Titans can be player controlled or can be commanded to guard an area or follow you around.

Pilots (of Titans) are jack of all trades special forces.

Pilots call wall run, have jump kits allowing for multiple jumps at once (double jumping), and jump kits prevent fall damage.

Pilots can attack titans by dropping onto their backs (like in the cover shot)

Pilots have a smart pistol "noob-friendly" capable of locking onto and engaging multiple targets at once with one trigger pull. Good for engaging AI but humans get a "target lock warning"

Pilots have an assault rifle, anti-titan rocket launcher, and a data knife that can reprogram computer controlled characters to fight on their side

Repsawn's data shows that there is roughly equal preference to Titan and Pilot player time.

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An EA-led product banging on about offloading complex calculations and AI to cloud computing? Again?


I'm sure some clever people can pick out what's what on the PC version, after what happened to Sim City. Still, Respawn should have some neat ideas to bring into the large-scale FPS sub-genre, and using Source should mean some decent scaling on modest hardware.

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To leave activision and then now be under the thumb of a combined EA/MS. Lol.

They have basically the same deal as Bungie do, as I highly doubt after the situation they found themselves in with Kotick, they were going to sign a similar contract with anybody else again. This has ironically turned into what Bungie originally agreed with Activision for Destiny, which is now looking like a pro-Sony game by comparison.

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Well one things for sure it's not going to push the machine much using the source engine. Also means the PC version will be indentical/better. As for the carp being spun about the whole cloud thing....yeah....It's EA and we all know how the like to talk about cloud. Anyway why would a game even need cloud computing when it's only using the source engine? It's not like it pushes machines as it's a 2003 engine.

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