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The Anti-Thatcher song list

Red Alignment

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Over in Off-Topic...

Just wondering what should be on my playlist for the day. Special AKA and 'Ghost Town'; John Cooper Clarke's 'Beasley Street'; Robert Wyatt's version of 'Shipbuilding', for starters.

Something with a little more gravitas than 'Ding Dong The Witch is Dead', for sure.

What are your picks from all the anti-Thatcher (and anti-Thatcherism) songs out there?

(Has there every been anyone who has had more negative songs written about them than Margaret Thatcher?)

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Ah, some great tunes in there. And some not so great tunes, but with heartfelt lyrics.

Thanks, all, for expanding my options for today!

(Man, Crass is such a blast from the past. Stations was constantly being played by someone or another when I was a teenager; everyone I knew had a copy. Except me!).

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