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Batman Arkham Origins

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Nvidia presentation of Batman origins (possible spoilers):

Key points taken from presentation (possible spoilers)

Batman: Arkham Origins


- City around twice the size of Arkham City. Two major parts connected by the bridge.

- Call in Batwing to automatically take you to the Batcave, as well as fast travel across the map.

- Interact with the Batcave: speak to Alfred, use workbench to collect gadgets, find Easter Eggs.

- Batcave has a "training gym". Aimed at showcasing the combat system to players who didn't fully appreciate it in previous Batman games. Lets you compete in challenges, rewarding with XP to upgrade Batman.

- Cops an enemy along with thugs.

- Encounter grading (eg: A = Legendary Vigilante).

- "When all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail" analogy used to describe Batman's aggression in Origins.

- Barbara Gordon plays an important role in the plot.


- Deformable snow, as you move through it (eg: footprints, rolls). Depth of imprints different based on where snow has fallen.

- Particle physics for falling snow.

- Lots of tech put into physics, tessellation, and lighting on the cape.

- Turbulence from punches, and motion of the cape, shapes the motion of particle physics (eg: snow and smoke).

Man that looks great. Those environmental moves look fantastic.

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Nvidia presentation of Batman origins (possible spoilers):

Key points taken from presentation (possible spoilers)

How do people keep a straight face listening to this sort of shit? And do they pick people with annoying voices on purpose to do the OTT explainations?

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Tesco emailed me to say the delivery date will be the 25th, so you should be ok!

Have never ordered from Tesco before I tend to stick to Amazon/ShopTo hoping it arrives on launch so I can play Friday evening :)

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It's a shame there's no next-gen version. My PS3 recently died & I thought about upgrading my order, but upon finding out there's no PS4 version I decided to cancel my PS4 order & get a new PS3 instead.

If only the PS4 had had Backward Compatibility eh? Though I fully understand why it doesn't. I think i'll get more enjoyment out of this than the PS4 launch lineup anyway, seeing as Watchdogs has been delayed & I dislike FPS's.

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Possible, but crazy to put out a video encoded so badly in that case. I doubt it is anyway, because the framerate isn't consistent as it would be with an encoding problem. It looks fluid at some points, espcially during the pre-rendered fmv, and grinds to a halt in comabt scenes and such. Weird.

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