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RPL City - S.21

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OK, it's ALL HANDS TO THE PUMPS with our 2 main attacking threats on holidays/without porn. Pants up front! Heretic at LM! Smithstock out of his comfort zone! It's all crazy stuff.

Dave: Do your usual. Remember to track back as I am controlling all 3 defenders and the AI might do stupid fucking things, yay.

Gerry/Nath: Get forward and bomb crosses onto Pants' head. Nathan, if you don't pass to Heretic, he will shout at you, just a warning!

Heretic/Trev: Try not do drift out wide too much, get inside and support Smith, let Gerry and Nathan get down the wings (mostly).

Pants: After Smith passes to you, press the shoot button. It someone crosses the ball to you, wait a little bit, then press the shoot button.

Smith: 341531.jpg

And most importantly, let's have fun?

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Smith: Samedov has the Early Crossing trait.

Heretic: Shirokov has Long Shots

Trev: Bystrov has Early Crossing.

Pants: Kerzahkov has Long Shots.

Nathan: Kombarov has Early Crossing.


Gerry, your guy has a long throw, so if you get one, launch the fucker.

Can someone PM me with some general tips on how to not be a shit midfielder? I'm normally a 'get the ball and get it the fuck away from me' kinda guy.

Have PM'd you, not that I'm an expert, I basically just said 'pass it to Smith'.

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Can someone PM me with some general tips on how to not be a shit midfielder? I'm normally a 'get the ball and get it the fuck away from me' kinda guy.

Five tips on how to put in a really solid midfielder's shift. Essentially, the five biggest mistakes I see regularly in BAP and Clubs.

If you can follow these, you'll have a fucking great game.

1. Don't hold on to the ball.

Always look to pass it early. Unless there a very, very good reason, you should be ALWAYS looking to pass it early. Sometimes you'll get the ball and there'll be a bit of green space in front of you. So you decided to dribble forward. You take three touches and then... we lose possession.

The reason why is because when you receive the ball, there will be teammates open.

When you dribble, it allows the opposition time to mark everyone. All the runs are now covered and you're under pressure. And you've only managed to bring the ball as far forward as the point you would have passed it in the first place.

Think of it like you're a defender - it's much harder to contain two attackers playing quick one-two's than it is to contain one guy jogging straight at you with the ball.

(This advice includes crossing too. If strikers are calling for it in the box, put it in there. It's far better for us to be running in to a cross than standing still waiting due to unnecessary cut-backs or skill moves.)

2. 'A' Pass is the Best Pass

Leave off the through ball button unless around the area. Use the A button as default. Not only are through passes pretty nerfed in this version of Fifa, but our players have poorer passing and vision stats and are more likely to fuck it up.

3. Positioning!

You're no good to us marked up. You're especially no good to us marked up and running away from the ball in some wild desperate hope the defender will just stop and forget about you while the stranded CDM plays a 40-yard lofted wonder-pass right to your feet, that you then somehow manage to control despite the first-touch system.

If the ball carrier is near, move into a space that has a clear line of sight between you and him. If you get there and he doesn't pass, stand still yelling for it until you're marked or the ball has gone elsewhere.

4. Communicate!

Related to the above, but let us know when and where you are open.

"short one inside" lets a winger know he can pass it inside.

"Quick one up top" lets a central player know you're at the top of the screen and wide open for a break.

Remember that it's hard for people to instantly compute the directions 'left and right' because we look at the pitch flat on. 'Top' and 'Bottom' (of the screen) are far easier to process.

5. Don't be afraid to have a shot.

Seriously, if there's a half chance, have a fucking dig! A common occurrence is to get 'locked in' to looking for the perfect through ball when you should just let one rip. A shot on target always has a chance of going in, or getting deflected for a tap-in, or getting a corner. A good pass only ever has the chance of, at most, giving someone else an opportunity of a shot.

It may sound like a lot, but it's all pretty simple really. Don't kick yourself if you do one of the above. We all do them, just remember not to do it next time.

Also, don't kick yourself if you lose possession, it happens all the time. It's a game of football. Just stick to the above and you'll have a blast.

Hope that helps!

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Well played lads. 3 points in the bag against last year's champs is not a bad start. Deffo could play tighter but still early days. Nice one to Pants to keeping us motivated and Gerry sacrificing his chance at glory to play more defensive. I think everyone looked good with Trev and Nathan moving us forward, just a shame that prick Mitchell was shit in defence plus we have heretic, smithstock, baring and someone else back next week. All good.

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Good games lads, that pen destroyed my soul.

Who got fouled on our team for the pen? I think it was me. I hope so. I was pressing the torres dive button. You just need to be careful when defending in the box in this version of fifa. It can be easy to give away what look like dodgy pens but if can defend well it is less likely to happen.

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