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RPL City - S.21

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Alright lads! Thursday eh? Wooo! BAPurday!

Yeah we're playing someone else! Woo! I think it's Town!


It's Town! Woo!

Who's playing where!?! How should I fucking know! Woo! Do I look like I'm made of team sheets? Yeah! I don't even know what fucking formation to play!

Fuck it, let's go fastest finger first! Woo!


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Trev? What happened? We sent you invites galore but you were playing Ultimate team?

I have notifications turned of I was waiting lol then use started without me so I went in a sulk, then when you's finished the first game I sent a message to someone saying invite me but didn't get one then you's started playing the second ) I have never felt this unwanted) but realised notifications were of so I came out of my sulk and prayed for you all :)

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Nath/Trev/Heretic, are you about?

Pants has recommended a 4-2-4 for this game, and I agree with all my heart and a little bit of my penis too. Let's just fucking go for it.

Game 1:


If you make it Dan, I'll go RB, Smith back to CB and you can go roaming CDM.

And this for game 2.


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Well played boys, first was a tight affair and Pants should have finished that 3 yard sitter...

Bossed us in the second, last 20 minutes we were playing 3-1-6 I believe!

Give me a shout if anything is wrong in the reports Mitchel, tis ma first time filling them in!

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Yep good games last night...proper enjoyed them. There shoule be an award for Trev and the fact he is such a team player. Pants and Mitch were the engine of the team.....Baring and Dan the alloy wheels, gerry the dukes of hazard car horn, Smithstock the unecessary dice or racoon's tail on the areial and obviously me as the the sub woofer and Dillinja CD in the stereo. I dunno why I have done some shit car analogy think I have been working in an office for too long...turned me in a right old numpty. Anyway...we were good, looked good and had fun. oh wait up maybe someone was the steering wheel....or maybe someone locked in the boot...heretic could be the fog lights.

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Who is around for the cup tonight then? Let's keep it the same as last week, as we were pretty fucking awesome. Try and win some money for Hannay.

I know Pants is not around for what would have been his last BAP game. Shame. Farewell, young Megaflounce. x

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