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RPL City - S.21

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Don't listen to them Nath and run that ball into the goal lots of times.

Guys I am still sunning myself in the south of france...will be back next week. This reply has nothing to do with the quote above unless it does in some way.

Also Good Luck

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apparently the issues were something to do with not having the same squads as the rest, I sorted it out and asked if there could be a restart to get in but apparently im not important enough to get a restart :)

Good luck lads

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That was just bad all round, damn TalkTalk getting my Internet on so quickly!

Pants don't shout at me! I felt like a school kid being told off :( same goes to Sergeant Heretic!

Next week lets all have fun and get some banter going! :)

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Yep it was one of those weeks,city and there manager are sooo much better than tonight's performance, credit were credit is due Cameroon played Like a very tight outfit and were good all round! So let's put this week behind us and look to next week. All played in great spirit tho as it should be, but a little bit of jest just sparks it up a little (baring)pffff

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It's all somebody elses fault.

We were Mince all over really, The Cameroonies were too quick all over the pitch for the sluggish Ruskies, I think I saw a City picnic in the middle of teh Rovers half. We all know where we went wrong, that Baring fella was a liability who invited him in :P

At least Mitch will get a good team pick next season eh lads?

On another note, Can I play CAM or something next week?

Shutup Dan, Bearded Bastard.

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