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2013 A-League

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Player list

rllmuk name - gamertag

JLM - Jasonc85

imp - imp086

sith - sithlordx

joffocakes - joffocakes

alistarr - ALI5T4RR

Goemon - Ganbare Goemon

Nate Dogg III - Nate Dogg III

Revival - The Kron

Lyrical Donut - Dollarez

mayor_mike_haggar - mister samuel

jiroczech - Jiroczech

Singho - S1ngho

Fixture list

Please try to get highlighted matches finished ASAP

ROUND 1 (1st April - 7th April)

mayor_mike_haggar 3-2 Lyrical Donut

alistarr 3-0 jiroczech

JLM 3-1 Goemon

Revival 3-2 sith

imp 3-0 joffocakes

Singho v Nate Dogg III

ROUND 2 (1st April - 7th April)

Nate Dogg III v alistarr

Goemon 3-0 mayor_mike_haggar

jiroczech 0-3 Revival

joffocakes 0-3 JLM

sith 3-2 imp

Lyrical Donut 3-1 Singho

ROUND 3 (8th April - 14th April)

Lyrical Donut 0-3 Goemon

Revival 3-0 Nate Dogg III

mayor_mike_haggar v joffocakes

imp 3-1 jiroczech

JLM 3-1 sith

Singho 0-3 alistarr

ROUND 4 (8th April - 14th April)

alistarr 0-3 Revival

joffocakes 2-3 Lyrical Donut

Nate Dogg III 1-3 imp

sith 3-0 mayor_mike_haggar

jiroczech 0-3 JLM

Goemon v Singho

ROUND 5 (15th April - 21st April)

Goemon v joffocakes

imp 2-3 alistarr

Lyrical Donut 3-2 sith

JLM 3-0 Nate Dogg III

mayor_mike_haggar v jiroczech

Singho v Revival

ROUND 6 (15th April - 21st April)

Revival v imp

sith v Goemon

alistarr 1-3 JLM

jiroczech v Lyrical Donut

Nate Dogg III 3-0 mayor_mike_haggar

joffocakes v Singho

ROUND 7 (22nd April - 28th April)

joffocakes v sith

JLM 3-1 Revival

Goemon v jiroczech

mayor_mike_haggar 1-3 alistarr

Lyrical Donut 3-2 Nate Dogg III

Singho v imp

ROUND 8 (22nd April - 28th April)

imp 1-3 JLM

jiroczech v joffocakes

Revival v mayor_mike_haggar

Nate Dogg III v Goemon

alistarr 3-0 Lyrical Donut

sith v Singho

CATCH-UP WEEK (29th April - 5th May)

ROUND 9 (6th May - 12th May)

sith v jiroczech

mayor_mike_haggar v imp

joffocakes v Nate Dogg III

Lyrical Donut 2-3 Revival

Goemon 2-3 alistarr

Singho v JLM

ROUND 10 (6th May - 12th May)

JLM v mayor_mike_haggar

Nate Dogg III v sith

imp v Lyrical Donut

alistarr 3-0 joffocakes

Revival v Goemon

jiroczech v Singho

ROUND 11 (13th May - 19th May)

jiroczech v Nate Dogg III

Lyrical Donut 1-3 JLM

sith 1-3 alistarr

Goemon v imp

joffocakes v Revival

Singho v mayor_mike_haggar


To make this easier to finish, runbacks will be discounted. Apologies to all those who went ahead and got started anyway. I'll re-jig deadlines for earlier matches and we'll try to finish in the next month or so.

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Well, I'm pretty happy with how that match turned out considering the pasting I received in the lesser finals of the transseasonal brawl.

I'm happy to say I finished all my combos. Loads of jabs into sweep and even a couple of one frame links hit for maximum style and damage points. Sith capitalised on my failure to learn to block after being hit by a condor dive. So many times did I try and backdash or jump up after a fast rise, only to be given the boot for my efforts. I am also well shit at uppercutting hawk as he body splashes over me on wakeup. Honestly, that shit is gdlk against me.

It was a good final match too. Sith was in the lead in the first round, and despite some decent efforts to take off some life bar, he took it quite comfortably, in the second round though, I managed to carefully maintain corner pressure and did some prodigious fishing for Ultra 1 juggle off of EX fireball. It worked and took me the round. The final round was a bit of a whitewash though, as I made a lot of bad reads and failed to do decent punishes. Nerves, probably. Oh well, looking forward to the next game!

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alistarr 0 - 3 Revival

I got beaten to death. I am sad. I psyched myself up beforehand and told myself I'd play smart and not jump into too many neutral jump fierces and then I just kept jumping forward for three whole games. But yeah, Revival is still a lot better than me despite allegedly not having played for six months!

Plus he sent me this message beforehand which turned out to be highly prescient:


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Yeah thanks for the games chap, Was great fun afterwards too apart from EX Messiah which will hopefully be removed in the next patch ;)

Managed to play another match just after too. Thanks for the games Sith.

Revival 3 - 2 sith

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imp 3 - 1 Jiroczech

GGs despite the touch of input lag, and GGs afterwards too! Also, don't feel too discouraged about using Blanka, I don't think that's nearly as looked down upon as using Cammy, Akuma, or Chun-Li.

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JLM 3-1 Goemon

Very close games, and scary because Goemon dabbles in a number of different characters like me. My Dudley lost to Dhalsim in the first game; I got frustrated and played like an idiot and Goemon calmly picked me apart for it. Switched to Chun and beat Dhalsim. I'd say Dhalsim is number 2 behind Ryu as my strongest match up as Chun because I used to play long sets against a couple of outstanding 'sim players in the pre-AE days. Then Goemon switched to Fuerte. All I really do against Fuerte is try to stay as slippery as possible and exploit his rubbish wake up options when I get the chance. Oh, and I know Chun ultra 1 punishes blocked splashes but that never came up. Got the win in that game, then Goemon switched to Guy, who I am still awful at fighting against despite doing a ton of research into the character when learning him myself. This went down to pixels of life in the third round and I felt very lucky to nick it at the end.

We then played thirty or so casual games and they were lots of fun. GGs sir.

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I got utterly pasted 3 - 0 by JLM in our match. He used Rose, which really threw me. Though saying it threw me kind of suggests I had any hope of it not being 3 - 0 had he stuck to Dudley or Chun, so I guess it didn't throw me at all.

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JLM 3-0 Jiroczech

GGs. Mr Jiro but this was quite the laggy mess, which was disappointing as I'd played Alistarr for half an hour or so beforehand with a perfect connection. On the plus side, I did get an overhead teleport thing in there and confirmed that my anti-Donut option select also beats wake up EX Zonk.

Nate, when are we doing this thing, I haven't seen you around for a while.

Allystah, I will undoubtedly catch you online soon.

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I think Nate is on holiday so he gets some leeway. Well, so does everyone, I'm hugely impressed at the number of games played so far over both leagues :)

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jiroczech 0 - 3 Revival

Unfortunately it was more like Treacle Fighter as the lag in the first two was horrendous. Credit to Jiro for sticking it out as it really was damn near unplayable.

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Yeah, was pretty bad. I'd like to claim that my game is particulary lag-sensitive what with all the 1 frame links I go for but that'd be a lie. Anyhow I've abandoned my homeplugs and run a network cable under the floor which will hopefully mean less lag in the future.

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Sith 3 Haggar 0. It wasn't quuiiiite as bad a mauling as I thought it might be. I even took the first round with ex fireball FADC into ultra, which I never normally land. But sith has a very good hawktex, and knows his buttons and dive ranges pretty well. I'd like to play the matchup as ryu a bit more, because I really don't know it that well.

My girl is out of the country next week, so I'll have lots of time for catchup fighter for the millions of matches I have to play.

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JLM 3 - 1 alistarr

First game was a walkover, then I took the second, but the last two went too quickly in part because I kept approaching from really bad angles and getting slowly dizzied by anti-airs. I knew I was in trouble when JLM decided to start doing FADC into EX legs nonsense for fun in the penultimate game!

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