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A bit of a pointless video really as it doesn’t teach anyone who’s seen the show anything they didn’t know already, but it’s a good overview of the series if you haven’t seen it. Genuinely one of the funniest shows I’ve ever seen.


I watched season 3 and 4 a few months back and it just gets funnier and even more ridiculous as it goes on.

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Seems this picked up steam again as it's now on amazon prime for free, I'm currently watching it all through again, up to S3. Some observations...


- There are way more ideas than I remember, I forgot some episodes can go back and fourth between multiple different ideas.

- I almost forgot just how awkward/cringe Nathan acts around people.

- It's a bit more mean spirited then I recall, especially the first couple of seasons. Nathan is always the joke but he does cross the line here and there, like forcibly trying to snatch a contract away from someone multiple times. 

- I forgot how sentimental the show can be about life in general. "I realized I had become no better than the corporation I was trying to defeat. That in my efforts to take down Best Buy, I became the Worst Guy." (along with sentimental music)

- When watching it all together, the repeat cameos are somehow funnier

- I really find myself wanting to know how many scenes were REALLY put together. There are a few youtube essays on Nathan but they tend to talk about his character and what the show is really trying to say etc. I just want to know things like 'Did they REALLY put a child in a sound proof box in that episode? There is no way that actually happened?', etc

- I still have absolutely no idea what that 'Absolutely' thing is at the end. 

- I never saw the post credit 'extra' scenes at the end, when I downloaded them they always cut off before 


It's still the best comedy outside of the UK in my books

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Just now, Andy_Why said:

I'm 4 episodes in to 'How To' and loving it. Very like Nathan, in that I have no idea where any episode is likely to take me. Some properly jaw dropping moments in it. Especially with episode 4.

Just wait til you get to episode 6 :)

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16 hours ago, BitterToad said:

Is How To available to watch anywhere legally in the UK?

Sadly not! You can't even pay to watch it.


Oh and side note- having now finished season one, I could listen to John trying to get his landlady's attention all day.

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