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Battlefield 4


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And this thread rises from its slumber... Stumbled upon one of my old Compilation vids today... Boy, the SRAW was something else before they started nerfing the fun out it. 



Yes, been playing a lot of 4 the last couple of months, and V isn't to going to stop that I fear. 


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9 hours ago, Bonzai1888 said:

Boy, the SRAW was something else before they started nerfing the fun out it. 


It really was. Took a while to get good with it, but once you did, it was fantastic. But in typical DICE fasion, people were using it and enjoying it, so they cut the power and range. Just like any AA in BF4/BF1 and pretty much anything else that is good.

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Picked this up on PS4 last week after being inspired by the BFV beta.


It's still got a pretty decent population although mainly on Conquest large maps. Compared to BFV it's overwhelming at first - really fast paced, action everywhere, vehicles all over the shop and dying a lot. It's very punishing to come in as an old skool BF player when the majority of the playerbase has been playing this game for many years.


Still, it's really good despite being hard. I can see more where the complaints about BFV's lack of war feeling are coming from now, although I prefer its slower pace.


I die a lot although I usually get a decent score because I focus on capturing flags. Any tips for survival? I seem to spend a lot of time running across the map and getting killed from anywhere. In close quarters I fare better but on maps like Shanghai and Golmud there's a lot of open ground/streets which seem like death sentences without vehicles.


And talking of vehicles, do you just need to practice to get good with attack helicopters/jets? I have no idea how people can actually see/kill anything with them - I struggle enough just keeping them in the air, let alone doing strafing runs!


PS KreissG - On PS4 there are some insanely good Scout heli players who terrorise servers, experts at ducking behind cover and always being on the move. It's really hard to take them down especially on no-Stinger servers and they often end up the top of the scoreboard.

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4 hours ago, KriessG said:

The choppers got nerfed far too much in BF4 too.

Not nerfed enough in comparison to how annoying it is to take them down now. 


I won't play on a server that has no stingers or iglas as a rule so the guy that owns the server can spend the whole round increasing his k/d. 


Well, I might sometimes. 



I got booted right after that. 

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We've all gone back to this recently. With the current interest in 2042 picking up it's super easy to find a server in the evenings. Within 10 mins of playing our first round, I had an only in battlefield moment. 



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