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I don't mind doing some chopper flying, especially if we had an engineer or two on board, as repair tools are back to being effective.

As no one has suggested otherwise, we shall start with some Carrier Assault at 9pm. I may be on a bit earlier. See some of you soon!

*Important Note*

Due to the patch updating the game with new guns, and this being DICE, your classes will be altered, it seems to go back to the first gun in the class. The actual loadouts of the guns should be the same though. Also, your vehicle loadouts will all be default, so again, once you've got the patch installed, you're going to need to get into game and sort your classes out. Classic Battlefield!

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Kramer, did you try to swap sides every time you died? Map knowledge will come, as will unlocks, you'll be fine :)

Thanks to everyone who played tonight, it was a good 2 and a half hours of fun. Carrier Assault was tough, it really depends more on the quality of the entire team I find. I thought we really played well in the CTF games though, people rocketing the enemy choppers, defending and attacking well, calling out advancing troops and vehicles, it was all very enjoyable.

Oilswell (I think that was your PSN name, the person who messaged me), CTF was decided on in the end, so apologies for no base maps tonight. I'm sure we can accommodate some base map play next week though if you are around. Aidey68, I tried to invite you to our voice chat party but I don't think we are friends on PSN yet.

Same time next week!

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Yep good games tonight. I enjoyed the CTF maps a lot and felt like I got into my stride in the second half. Kramer, I don't think you had MUK as your tag. I think that helps when hoping to get put on the same side (?) If we've got people with just the base maps perhaps we could make sure the first hour is played on those at least before we go on to the premium maps.

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Thanks for the games last night guys, I enjoyed that! I've not spent much time with CTF before so that was quite refreshing, and it was good to hear people using comms and trying to play classes a bit.

Nice to see the new patch hasn't nerfed my beloved SG553 too 8-)

Kramer: As Fury.HD says, join the MUK platoon, this will help with matchmaking etc. And don't worry too much about learning the maps, just play to the objectives and it will come.

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Yes, its a different game when you have a squad or two who are playing as a team.

I enjoyed the Carrier Assault rounds; but it is a game mode where once you lose momentum you can get steamrolled. Once people start dropping from your team it can get really tough as you need to split your side between those attacking, defending, and trying to hold on to a few bases on the main map.

The CTF games felt more approachable with the half dozen or so players we had. It also helps that CTF allows you to juggle both the attacker and defender roles at the same time, allowing the balance to shift quickly and always giving the losing sde a chance to get back in the game.

Perhaps some Rush and Chain Link next time? Rush on the vanilla maps is always a solid choice, and is fun with a couple of MUK squads. CL is a nice diversion from the traditional modes and rewards the tactical play which you can get with a team communicating with each other.

The AN-94 is a beast at mid-long range. Not too underpowered to start with either, and the iron sights have a reticle whhich helps a lot when you use it for the first time.

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