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Do the PS4 crew play on particular nights? Not seen anyone (besides Fishy yesterday but I was playing Hotline Miami) for ages

It seems to be just random as to what times / days people are on. I sometimes see people online in the early evening, but I'm usually doing other stuff then.

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I'm continuing my quest to get all weapons up to at least one service star.* So far, of the twenty-five that I needed to work on, I've now achieved the goal with twelve of them. Experiences have varied somewhat, so here's my marks out of five for the ones I've been using - 1 being the lowest, 5 the highest.

Assault Rifles

4 - AEK-971. I already had a few kills with the AEK, but I'd found that it's high rate of fire could make it unpredictable at longer ranges. Up close though, its a beast.
3 - M16A4. I don't really get on with the burst fire guns in BF4, although the KH-2002 in BF3 was my most used gun. This is pretty good at range, but not quite as accurate as the SAR-21, which also has the benefit of a full-auto mode.


2 - G36C. Underpowered, but quite accurate.
3 - ACE 21 CQB. Average. Doesn't have the stopping power of it's big brother.
1 - Type-95B-1. Hated it. I lost almost every 1-on-1 fight due to it's low rate of fire and at range it's about as accurate as a shotgun with the recoil all over the place. It seems to have nothing going for it at all - I'd have been better off shooting myself with it and saving the time. I liked this gun in BF3 and it was up there with my most used weapons. In BF4 - uurgh.


3 - LSAT. Average.
1 - U-100 MK5. Utter dogshit. It's supposedly better as a ranged weapon if you get the heavy barrel on it, but as I'd not unlocked it I can't confirm this. Even with a bipod it's outperformed by all other LMGs.
4 - Type 88 LMG. It doesn't have the stopping power of the heavier LMGs but I found that this was very good at range and up close.
5 - M240B - Beast! Why had I not used this at all before?!!?
3 - QBB-95-1. Neither good nor bad, I was able to hold off a concerted enemy attack using this from range and without a bipod, but it didn't kill many of them - just frightened them back into cover. Much better than it's useless carbine sibling.


5 - MX4. The first PDW you get in the game and it really does the job at shredding people up close.
4 - AS VAL. High rate of fire and the built in supressor helps tear people up and keep you off the map at the same time. Not as good as it was in BF3 though.


5 - 870 MCS. Bang, you're dead!

It's worth noting that I've mostly been playing on Operation Locker to grind all these, so it's possible that some of them will reveal other strengths and weaknesses on other maps (although I did use the Type-95B-1 in some open maps and it was still shit; probably worse in fact than when playing in close quarters - almost every fight just resulted in me slightly hurting my opponent before they killed me).

* I'm not including DMRs, sniper rifles or pistols at this stage.

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How many have you got in total over 100 then?

66 weapons in total (although that includes 3 types of rocket launchers, 2 types of grenades, slam mines and claymores). 67 if you group all knife types together.

If I consider the weapon classes I'm not going out of my way to get over 100 kills for, there are two pistols (the P226 - 158 kills, and the Deagle - 205 kills), 5 DMRs, and 2 sniper rifles included in the total.

I've got eight weapons with mastery dog tags - 3 LMGs, 2 Carbines, 1 PDW, 1 Shotgun, and the mini grenades.


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I get completely overwhelmed by the sheer number of weapons in games like this. I much prefer the simpler balance Bad Company 2 had.

Why not just use what you like? Nothing forces you to use them all.

Good fun yesterday on Chain Link with Fishy, Kerraig and Capp. That was the first time I've played that mode and it's actually okay, a nice change of pace.

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I saw you and Kerraig join me on Golmud Railway, but then I got kicked when I lost connection to EA. After that I couldn't re-join the game either from Battlelog or the dash - it just hung. :(

Before that it flashed up that you had both joined a party about three times each in the space of a couple of minutes.

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Sorry if this has been posted already but... the guy couldn't be more spot on. Map design eh? You're fucking right bud! HUD clutter and slow gamefeel? Preach brother, preach! (honestly he points out exactly what I was saying earlier in the thread, only he does it more eloquently)

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He has some valid points for sure but he is an infantry player so was always going to prefer BF3, i love them both but like the variety BF4 gives above the COD action BF3 turned into as it aged and got further away from being a Battlefield game!

I would bloody well love a redux on the PS4 mind, i try to play it on the PS3 but the pad makes me cry - played it on the ps3 with the ps4 pad and it was ok but i only have a short usb lead!

I like that guys vids from what i have been watching so will add him to my ever growing list of subs, thanks!

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How on Earth do people get good at Choppers in this game. I've got to the point where I'm comfortable flying around but I just feel like as soon as you lift off you're constantly under attack. And more often than not it's either a jet attacking you or simply crashing into you.

It feels like the learning curve is so steep there, and the frequency of actually getting into a chopper so low (once per game if you're really trying?) that it's really tricky to improve. I've tried the test range but ultimately you need moving targets to go beyond just general handling I find.

But then I see these Chopper Ninjas flying around tearing shit up with their 30mm cannons, constantly slightly out of range from anti-air, I just don't see how they've managed to get that good! Are most of these guys just Battlefield veterans from multiple games?

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With the choppers you need to praccy in game, I am a flying god in the praccy zone but add in the pressure of other aircraft and bastards with stingers and it is a whole different ball game!

Ideally you want someone with repair tool and stingers with you, even better two as no matter how good you are any pilot will be hit so need repairing.

Mostly it's about being fast and low, using cover to break lock and not flaring too early or too late - great fun and my biggest achievement in the game is being a half decent pilot so keep at it soldier!!!!

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