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FTL - S4 - 2nd Half of the Season is go.

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And sign one too

World renowned midfielder Ross Gilmour has moved to Man Utd for a Scottish record fee of 0.1M.


Whilst perennial mover Jordan Lukaku (younger brother of Chelsea's Lukaku) moves in the opposite direction for 0.7M, providing much needed back up in defence and midfield. Poor Jordan had recently bought property in Manchester, following his move there just 1 day ago from Anderlecht. Luckily, he kept his receipt, and for the same price he has today bought the county of Lanarkshire.


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It was mental. At first I intentionally didn't want to do anything so kind of took it slow, so I didn't score an oggy. Then 3 of my dudes crowded round and no matter what I pressed it did nothing.

It was a shame cos I had steely right where I wanted him (3-1 up on me), but 4-1 wasn't in the plan so that fucked me. I went on to lose every single game we played, getting murdered in the process, so it was a real good night for my boys.

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Not right at the moment Wincho and I find your public announcement of where my last 4m is potentially going quite unprofessional :P

If I don't sell anyone by tomorrow then I will go with it although I am keen on some kind of player swap along with the 4m if there is something we can sort?

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I have £5.6m - it's hardly worth the paperwork. One of us needs enough money to buy a good player, the other then gives that money back for another good player.

Given our deplenished warchests we are looking at Baring standard shite

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