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FTL - S4 - 2nd Half of the Season is go.

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In a move that is sure to shock the FTL world Dortmund striker Robert Lewandowski has been placed on the transfer list. New Dortmund Manager Mardigan stated a difference of opinion on the dressing room music was the catalyst for the move. No doubt only strong offers will be accpeted for one of footballs top target men.

The new Dortmund boss also mentioned there are few players that are untouchable when it comes to transfers but only serious bids will be entertained.

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Anzhi announce African arrivals!

and Rafinha




African superstars Sulley Muntari (£7m) and Gervais Yao Kouassi a.k.a Gervinho (£11.5m) join Brazilian Rafinha (£6.9m) in a busy opening transfer day for the oil rich Russian club. A spokesman for the club said:

*Russian accent*

'Da, we are very happy with new signings. They will bring the club much success. We will look for one more signing, probably centre back.'


No players are thought to have left yet but the manager is known to be open to discussions

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Not a single enquiry for any udinese players. Having to pay for sponges before a ball is kicked just makes things harder.

Only reason I havent looked is because I know nothing of Udinese apart from the obvious old guy upfront.

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They have Domizzi 78 rated CB who could do a job for someone.

They also have a 73 rated monster up front. 6'5 with heading trait.

And several solid midfielders.

I don't suppose we can drop our FTL enquiry for a free sponge?

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"All my players are too expensive" moaned Real manager Pants McSkill yesterday.

In a press conference dubbed HastagFirstWorldProblems, Madrid's chief spoke about dealing with paupers and scum.

"Seriously, you know there's a recession on when other teams can't even afford Ricardo Carvalho. Like, I've got about 47 central midfielders and 15 GKs. They'd help any team in the league, except Wincho. But apparently, they're all worth £400billion each or some bollocks."

McSkill was later overheard complaining to his butler that his new custom built optical mouse wouldn't work on his gold-plated desk.

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Buying Non FTL

The number of Non FTLs you can enquire about are on the spreadsheet.

There is one window for you to get your requests in, you must have your request to me by Midnight on Sunday at the latest, I will issue a price back to you all publically around midday Monday. You then have until midday Wednesday to decide whether or not to buy that player, if you want to take them just post saying so in the thread.

If two players inquire about the same player, it will be taken to a PM bidding war!

If a player is not purchased by Wednesday midday, he will go to the masses for bidding for 24 hours.

Right guys a tweek to the non FTL rules. Im not going to do two runs rather than just the one.

So the other prices will be issued tomorrow. If you want a price for tomorrow pm me before 10am friday and I will have prices posted by lunchtime.

Then you will have till midday monday to decide to ourchase or not after that they will go public for 24 hours.

Note if someone has enquired about someone for tomorrows deadline (10am) you will not be able to enquire about that same player after that.

Make sense folks!?

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