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FTL - S4 - 2nd Half of the Season is go.


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The spreadsheet with all the info...


Buying and Selling

In the attached spreadsheet you will find your budgets for transfers and wages.

When announcing a done deal, Post in the thread and the opposition manager has to agree it, once done it will be added to the spreadsheet by myself or Wincho.

As usual, a player cannot be sold for less than there asking price but can be sold for more. And you must have the funds to pay their wages.

You can buy and sell as many players as you like!

Magic Sponge

Magic sponges are rather... magic. You player will freed from the shackles of injury completely once administered

You don’t start with any but you can buy magic sponges (capped at 3), the asking price varies depending on your team level, the price can be found in the spreadsheet, you can only choose to buy sponges up until the transfer window closes.

Buying Non FTL

The number of Non FTLs you can enquire about are on the spreadsheet.

There is one window for you to get your requests in, you must have your request to me by Midnight on Sunday at the latest, I will issue a price back to you all publically around midday Monday. You then have until midday Wednesday to decide whether or not to buy that player, if you want to take them just post saying so in the thread.

If two players inquire about the same player, it will be taken to a PM bidding war!

If a player is not purchased by Wednesday midday, he will go to the masses for bidding for 24 hours.


Thursday 28th at 10PM

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Guys, please put a pin in any potential deals... the wages need tweeking! Values wont change but wages will.

Ill announce one amended, but it wont be until later on.

Dont forget this chaps! doing deals now carry a little risk.

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Defender Ezekiel Fryers joins from Tottenham in a deal worth a reported 0.6M


Dortmund utility-man Oliver Kirch has also signed - tempted to move with the promise of karaoke bars on every Dundee street - 1.2M his fee.

Dundee Utd also expect further movement into the club, when players' wages become more transparent. As the manager put in his own words "some guys who actually know what a bloody football looks like are much desired".

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Btw all as Steely has said make sure you have the newest squads updated before you move any transfers in!

To download the squads we're all using, on FIFA go to: Customise FIFA > Edit Teams > Change Squads/Rosters > Download Updates

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