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Favourite version of Thief ?

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I've only ever really played the original Thief game, although I had very briefly once started the second game but didn't play it in the end, and I have good memories of that particular title. I was still playing PS1 games and hadn't stepped up to a PS2/XBOX or played much on the PC as ours was fairly new at the time. It was the game that led to my favourite game of all time, (Deus EX) and was perfect to play before hand as it contained a somewhat similar style of gameplay with a good focus on stealth and some really cool listening scenes. The thing I liked about it was how you could just hear conversations unfolding whilst hiding away and some of them would go on for a while. The PS1 didn't have anything like this and it was also noticably bigger and better graphically. It was really good to start off on a human level, stealing treasure, then moving onto the later hidden secret of enemies using magic and always felt really atmospherically edgy sneaking into the enemies lair. Another thing I suppose really made a difference to me was the fact I was sitting at a PC screen using headphones which immersed me into it much deeper than I had been in the past using my older 15 inch CRT mono SHARP. It was quite possibly one of the first real 3D titles I got to play on a PC as well just down to never having a computer that had much power at all before this time. This must have been around 2004 or something. Until then, all I'd ever gone as far as in gaming was my N64/PS1.

I don't know how I'd feel trying this game out again these days, but I remember it well and always thought it was a great game. I never decided to try out Thief 3 because I don't like missing out a game in a series even if they aren't related. I should one day think about returning to Thief 2 again and this time try not playing it on the hardest setting. That's one of the reasons I think I gave up as it was just utterly difficuly to take people down. I'd say play from the first one if you are starting because there are only three of them in the series anyway. I can understand when it turns out that you have a million and one sequels, prequels and spin-offs, but this is worth starting from the first game.

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