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System Shock 2


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One of the growing handful (as I discover more and more) games that have been critically lauded and yet I've never played. At least with many recent PC-only titles I had the excuse of hardware and/or time.

In 1999, I had both.

Alas, I don't expect to get stuck into this for a few weeks yet.

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Unless I missed out on a huge potential highlight of my youth, there is no co-op?! THERE BETTER NOT BE.

It was patched in after release, up to 4 player co-op. You all go through training entirely separately then all wake up in the ship wondering what's going on. It's awesome. Me and Alex W. played through most of the game on LAN first time nad it was scary biscuits.

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I just wish games would automatically update their graphics or something.

I played the demo back in the day, it was fucking terrifying. I know it's a good game. I'm not saying it's not a good game.

there's a pretty simple mod guide which updates a fair amount of the game to look better on modern hardware - however if gog start tampering with the "original" there will also be a fair number of users who would moan that its not the "proper" version. Gog are at least brilliant for posting a mod guide on their forums for most releases for anyone that wants to update with whatever mods are available.

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