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The 90's Arcade Racer

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The 90's Arcade Racer - a Kickstarter-based racing game by Greek developer Antonis "Pelikan 13" Pelekanos - has been picked up by Cave Story and VVVVVV publisher Nicalis for release on Wii U, PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android.

"We're working with Anthony on The 90's Arcade Racer," wrote Nicalis founder Tyrone Rodriguez on the Kickstarter. "Our collaboration will allow him to realise his vision of the game and make sure that he has the necessary Unity programming and design help he needs so that he can concentrate on art and other aspects. On our end, we'll be working on the Unity programming, physics, tuning and general design and production of the game."

Rodriguez has a background in racing games as he once worked for the defunct Tips & Tricks magazine where he became intimately familiar with the mechanical minutia of such games as Virtua Racing, Daytona, Scud Race, Daytona 2 and Moto Raider. He also designed the drift physics for The Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift on PS2 and PSP.

The 90's Arcade Racer Kickstarter has already surpassed its £10,000 goal with a current tally of £11,661 and five days to go before the 17th February deadline.

Backers who pledge £10 or more will receive the game upon its release around November, while £15 grants players the soundtrack too, and £30 pledges come with a hard copy and all of the above.



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