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Xenoblade Chronicles X - Out Now! Info in first post.


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Rumour is that it might be around 50gig (and) rumours again are that it might not be a digital download OR (rumour has it) this might be an install from disc game meaning a change to the Wii U OS.

Rumours only.


To enjoy playing, the enormous seamless map must load quickly (which was achieved through the hard work of our programming division), but we had help from Nintendo proper implementing a further improvement to what we had. I believe we’re going to reveal the details of that on the official page in the future, but to people considering purchasing the packaged version of the game, as one of the game’s developers, I highly recommend you make use of this improvement.

The rumours stem from 'this improvement' being a 'further improvement' from Nintendo. It might be a rumour stemmed from poor translation.

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The loading times comment was the intriguing part - it's a problem for some games. The latest Disney Infinity game is ridiculously slow. If this had long loading times, in open world, it'd be horrible :(

I've not played a JPRG since FFIV on the DS. I am really looking forward to playing this one as my next one. It'll probably take me two years to finish it.

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Looks wonderful but not sure I could stomach it all the way through with the original japanese voices (sorry) - hoping that the english translation will be a bit less "cute" and sprightly (though not too serious either). But the flora and fauna is amazing.

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I know nothing about this series but it looks like the game everyone thinks no man's sky is going to be.

That's funny, Xenoblade doesn't /look/ much like an exploratory, galacy-spanning space sim to me, nor does NMS look much like a grand-scale party-based JRPG.

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I don't think I've ever wanted a game more than this one.

If they get everything right from the original Xenoblade, but with robots and HD graphics, I'll be ecstatic. The combat was just amazing, probably the best of any RPG I've ever played- loads of depth, systems like aggroing, and flexibility to do things like choose between tanking with armour/health or dodging attacks. The icons at the bottom of the screen during the tiny little bit fighting in that trailer show a similar system, so it definitely bodes well.

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Yeah me too. It worried me a little that we've seen so little combat footage so far, considering how close to the Japanese release we are, but I think it's just because they're drip-feeding info. That 25 minute trailer was actually pretty good, discussing a lot of things without spoiling too much content.

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Got to agree, they do look terribly twee, especially the females and that egg creature.. They seem to have spent far more time on the environments and it shows.

Everytime I see this I keep expecting to see stuff from Yusuke Kozaki, the guy who did the last fire emblem, but when I click the new screenshots I go, eurghhh! Still, I'm sure it'll play well.

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New characters:


– Member of BLADE
– Doug excels at all military skills, but is the most effective when it comes to piloting Dolls
– Doug is easy to make fun of despite his stern looks
– Often gets teased by Lyn whenever he messes up during Doll tests
– Doug served under Elma in the Doll Squad back on Earth
– Doll Squad: government spec-ops vehicular instructor corps
– He has been friends with Lao since their days in the United States Army
– One of BLADE’s team leaders
– His combat ability and sense of judgment is said to have been well-noticed by Elma
– Lao has a sensitive side in spite of his looks, speech, and overall cool image
– Passionate man deep down to his heart
– Lao has been friends with Doug since their days in the United States Army
Seems like it's 1990s-stereotypical-RPG-characters time again :)
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