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Xenoblade Chronicles X - Out Now! Info in first post.


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The environments look great, but the character design is all over the place. Not only do the characters look at odds with the realism of the landscapes, but there's a disparity even between individuals. Mr Moustache looks like he was designed by a totally different team of artists from whoever came up with Team Anime behind him. The less said about the Nopon the better. Compare that last image with the concept art for the original game:


It's a bit worrying that the cast for the new game still looks like a bunch of Real Dolls.

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Vid of the new one, whose thread is unsearchable due it just being the temporary title of "X"

(Quoted from the original Xenoblade Chronicles thread)

That looks awesome, and this is from someone who hasn't played the original. Do you get to battle the Colossi-sized monsters?

I've pre-ordered my copy from Amazon already because I'm scared of it becoming as rare as the original game.

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I think it looks astoundingly impressive for something from the 360/PS3 gen. I'm playing FFXIII at the moment, and Gran Pulse is a big area, but it's also pretty featureless and the draw distance on creatures is like 100 metres. This has an even larger and more detailed environment, with a better draw distance and all that ground foliage and stuff and still manages to run all the combat particle effects without popping into a separate combat arena.

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(Some of) the main characters:


Team leader of a private military organization known as BLADE. Her temperament is quite calm, and composed with a keen sense of judgement and insight and seems to be well respected by her fellow members of BLADE.



She's a mechanic and member of BLADE. She is young, at only 13 years old she is considered a prodigy who has been developing a combat robot called “Doll”.



A member of the Nopon race, and will be your companion under your care after certain events transpire in the game. A little silly and occassionaly empty headed, his words at times will seem as if he is the one protecting you.

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I'm happy that the trailer showed some more exotic, colourful environments like the Wii Xenoblade; the earlier videos were a bit samey.

Yeah, like so many Wii U games the art direction is rather wonderful. Okay, expect for the character designs perhaps. But the environments, creatures and mechs... Man, I don't really have the time for RPG's these days, but I definitely want to explore that world.


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