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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Doctor Shark

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I thought it worked out alright. Everything done and everything worthwhile purchased with a few coins left to spare. I was there to blow up a monster nest anyway. I could have sold off a big chunky amethyst and a couple of my other semi-valuable finds, but I'm noticing I'm getting stiffed by vendors and only ending up with a small percentage of the item value for some reason. I want to keep them until I can sell them for more.


I dislike ending up being power rich in games to the point where the currency ends up being trivial. Limited cash means purchasing decisions have to be made much more carefully.

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I’ll tell you what else I like about these balancing changes. She’s removed any chance of finding nice stuff in generic loot spots, so no more finding a lush new sword in some random sack beside a peasant’s house - and thus no more hours wasted frantically checking absolutely every looting spot for fear of missing anything. I’m only looting specifically in and around places of interest, such as boss or quest locations.


I’m just done with my introduction to the Brummie Baron. Got some interesting new quests on my radar now.

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I've got this on my backlog list for pc, but have been playing other stuff while waiting for news on the next-gen update to come out, so that'll be interesting.

Only other game I can think of to do similar is Metro, so I'm assuming it'll be something like that. Depends on the performance hit tbh.

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2 minutes ago, Mr.Crowley said:

Christ, the state of CDPR.:blink:


I've said this before... the current version of the Witcher 3 is awesome on Xbox Series X. 

It runs at 60 fps, all the time and I think it 4K? It looks amazing, and it a well functioning and mature peice of software. 


With the "smart delivery" system, I'm not sure I want CDPR deploying a broken early access version of the "next-gen" game over the top of it! 

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I'm a good way through this on NG+ having just made a start on a couple of quests from HoS, I'm at level 88 and I'm sad to say I've finally had to retire my Toussaint Knight's Steel Sword. It's done me proudly for so long with it's amazing buffs but the DPS is just too damn weak now and it's taking ages to kill stupid bandits. Sigh.


Also I'm not sure if the feline armour was the way to go (currently wearing Superior Legendary) as I seem to die with about three hits, meaning most fights with multiple enemies is an endless case of dodging and Quenning. One the plus side it makes attacks pretty damn strong, so who knows.


RIP trusty sword. You shall have pride of place in my Toussaint vineyard.... right at the very very end of the whole damn thing.

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