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LORE - an epic Kickstarter RPG

mr twig

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I know there's a general Kickstarter thread but some games are too important to be lost in the middle of a gigantic thread maelstrom. This, I feel, is one of them.


Lore by RealPlayersGrind looks set to call into question everything you thought you knew about how a game is supposed to work!

"Lore is a game where you struggle against Gods and Demon's. The game takes place in many different locations across the globe. You will visit legendary places such as the Labyrinth of Minos where you must chase down Jason, his Argonauts, and Hercules! You will explore ancient worlds and civilizations. In Greece you must fight the Greek pantheon! In Rome you will fight alongside the 300 Spartans! In Hades you will explore tolerance itself (?)!"


Probably the most striking original creation revealed thus far - the terrifying Manandtaur

"Not : This is the first time in video gaming history a development team is going to let pubic see and be apart of a game from start to finish."

A one-man labour of love by 28-year-old American man George Givens, Lore looks like my sort of game - and I don't care who's reading this, it looks like your sort of game too!


"I am trying to show the size of the pyramid think about it like this when i get done it going to talk an hour just to walk the pyramid from top to bottom its is without monsters and traps are bosses"

So you want to go places and meet people? How about going straight to Hell and meeting everybody's nightmare - the infamous Manandtaur! Update #8 promises that you'll travel to Egypt where you will raid the tombs of the Farrow’s. Oh man I've always wanted to visit them! You'll meet Jason with his Argonauts!

"You travel to the country of Japan where you face Japanese legends such as Nobunaga Oda and other demons. You fight tragic battles in the realms of Raga, going up against all mighty Gods such as Thor, the God of Thunder. You come across battles with frost giants, Loki and other Gods from Viking history."


"low ply armor"

Okay, this all looks magnificent. Nobody can deny that. But there's got to be some sort of catch, right? How can one man hope to create all of this game? Well, he needs your money. And lots of it. In fact, the first version of this project was cancelled in November 2012, falling somewhat short of the $1.5 million target (he raised a respectable $1,355). But don't think that this is the end of Lore! George Givens, a 28-year old grown man, learnt from the failure, went away, regrouped, and came back with a much more realistic prospect - he's realised he can create this fantasy epic for just $150,000! And with 18 days to go, he only needs another $149,087.

Follow the link for an interview with the man himself, along with a stirring promotional video which describes the concept of Lore far better than mere words ever could.

Some of the images released so far may look a little rough, but with your money behind him and an estimated delivery date of March 2014, George Givens (28) should have plenty of time to finish building the game world, all the enemies, traps and puzzles, and polish up the graphics a little. Heck, if he raises $300,000 he'll be able to employ somebody to help him do all that!


"the final manandtaur concept"

With everyone bitching about established developers cynically using Kickstarter to raise capital when they should be putting their hands in their own filthy pockets, surely this is a chance to stick 2 fingers up to 'the gaming establishment' and show 'traditional publishers' what we really want. And what we want is Lore.

Kickstart this project HERE - George Givens (28) has provided several reward tiers ranging up to $900, which I'm sure would be very tempting if they weren't completely unintelligible.

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We understand this is something that has never been done but in 1492 Christopher Columbus went out into the sea and everybody told him he was going to fall off the end of the world but with his risk and passion we now know the earth is round and without his will and guts we would not be where we are today. The point i am trying to make nothing is risk free 16 years ago there was no internet but one man changed that. HEDY LAMARR was a actresses in the 1930's she came up with guided torpedoes for world war 2 she called and called the US army, government but no one listened because she was beauty and she was a actresses. My point is no one can understand vision if it was the 1930's are 1492 would kickstarter be a place to support like Hedy Lamarr and Christopher Columbus.

Okay. :)

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So as far as Lore related content goes, there was Lore: Lost Voices, wherein the creator would recreate the drama in the Lore comments thread through the medium of sockpuppets. It probably would have got funded if Kickstarter hadn't suspended it, the humourless twats.

This guy wants to make a bunch of levels for Alien Swarm, the free game from Valve. And he only needs $19,000 to do it!

I'm sad this RPG got cancelled because of their highest reward tier:

Pledge £5,000 or more

0 backers Limited (1 of 1 left)

The best reward Everything an Ultimate Legend gets plus you will get to spend a day with the entire staff of Awesome_A studios. (People from U.K. And Ireland only, People under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.)

Estimated delivery: Jul 2017

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there you are!

When are you coming to stay.

I've always been here. I never leave.

I am coming to stay next week.

Can we make this the terrible gaming kickstarter thread? Some new version of RPGMaker went on sale recently, so there'd be no shortage of content.

Sure, I guess. Although I don't understand your use of the word 'terrible' in that sentence. I just wanted to make sure people knew about Lore.

Still only $149,087 to go! Its kicktraq page isn't looking promising I'm afraid.

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In that promo video, when asked the question: "Why should we support your kickstarter?" his answer is "Because even doe i never made a full game im a gamer just like you im palyed every final fantasy twice mate! Dark souls demon soul diablo 2 and minecraft and its not enough games like that anymore"

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Fun fact: the Minotaur is a Greek mythological creature with the body of a man, but the head of a bull. Its name comes from greek phrase meaning ‘Bull of Minos’. If the Manandtaur is a cross between a man and a Minotaur, then it would be like a mixed-race baby (which are fashionable), only with bulls. Also, someone would have had to have had sex with a Minotaur.


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