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Pokémon X and Y - 3DS, October 2013

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I've never caught a shiny, my wife caught a shiny Tangela and bred a shiny Larvesta though.

I've added a load more people, still waiting on harlowlad, larsen b, imp, mr jeff, and prof frink. Also, Neg and Friedgold, you say you've added me but nothing's showing up.

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The language in this thread scares me. I'm 2 hours in and caught a scatterbug and a wee bird thing.

I used the punchbag thing to make my little goat pokemon a bit stronger and tried a couple of training sessions firing footballs at balloons.

I love it

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It's a ghost that took up looking as something useful for a change, a sword!

It even makes proper slash noises on slash moves.

Takes forever to evolve, though.

Edit: Great typing, as well. Immune to Normal, Poison, Fighting, and has No Gaurd, meaning it'll never miss.

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Cheers for compiling that Mr Jeff! Just went through and added everybody.

Mild spoilers for just after the third gym, but maybe good info to know? I kind of wish I knew...

I wish I'd known you'd just be given a level 32 Lucario, I wouldn't have spent all that time training one if I had! Still, at least the I've trained is already set for EVs.... yay...

Still massively enjoying it though! My Frogadier is kicking all kinds of arse now he has Surf. Gardevoir has really come into her own now she's evolved from Kirlia. She's doing ridiculous damage with confusion now! Good old modest nature and SP.ATK EVs! No sign of Psychic though, even at level 33...

Sadly, my Pikachu can no longer hang with the big boys. It's just too weak to take any hits anymore. :( I should probably replace him with a flying poke. I'm kinda waiting for Charmeleon to evolve into Charizard, but it's kindof a waste to give him fly I think. Any other good bird pokes to catch? I don't really fancy the fire/flying one though...Charizard is enough for that!

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I seem to have been reasonably lucky in Connecting Cave (just after Daycare - I'm spending a lot of time hanging around with a bag full of eggs at the moment) and caught an Axew after just a couple of encounters. He's immediately going into heavy rotation.

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Nature Japanese Increased stat Decreased stat Favorite flavor Disliked flavor

Hardy がんばりや

Lonely さみしがり Attack Defense Spicy Sour

Brave ゆうかん Attack Speed Spicy Sweet

Adamant いじっぱり Attack Sp. Attack Spicy Dry

Naughty やんちゃ Attack Sp. Defense Spicy Bitter

Bold ずぶとい Defense Attack Sour Spicy

Docile すなお

Relaxed のんき Defense Speed Sour Sweet

Impish わんぱく Defense Sp. Attack Sour Dry

Lax のうてんき Defense Sp. Defense Sour Bitter

Timid おくびょう Speed Attack Sweet Spicy

Hasty せっかち Speed Defense Sweet Sour

Serious まじめ

Jolly ようき Speed Sp. Attack Sweet Dry

Naive むじゃき Speed Sp. Defense Sweet Bitter

Modest ひかえめ Sp. Attack Attack Dry Spicy

Mild おっとり Sp. Attack Defense Dry Sour

Quiet れいせい Sp. Attack Speed Dry Sweet

Bashful てれや

Rash うっかりや Sp. Attack Sp. Defense Dry Bitter

Calm おだやか Sp. Defense Attack Bitter Spicy

Gentle おとなしい Sp. Defense Defense Bitter Sour

Sassy なまいき Sp. Defense Speed Bitter Sweet

Careful しんちょう Sp. Defense Sp. Attack Bitter

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When you go into your Pokémon's stats, you'll notice in many of them that one is highlighted in red and one is highlighted in blue. The red one will receive a boost and the blue one willl be slightly nerfed. Which of stat is boosted and which is nerfed is dictated by nature. There are also natures that keep all the stats neutral. When breeding, you'll obviously want a nature that plays to the particular Pokémon strengths and/or ties in with what you want to use them for. For example, if you want to specialise in physical defense but don't care about speed because the Pokémon is never going to be fast no matter what you do, then it can be worth breeding one with a nature that boosts physical defense at the expense of speed.

When breeding, if one of the parents is holding an Everstone whilst in daycare the baby will have a 50% chance of inheriting their nature.

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Natures affect two of your pokemon's stats. The nature of a pokemon boosts one stat by 10% and lowers another by 10%, and you can see which ones by checking out your poke's stats. The one with the pinkish red tint is being boosted, and the light blue is being reduced. Some natures (IIRC four to be exact) don't actually do anything - since the boosted and weakened stat are one in the same. You don't really need to pay attention to them unless you're really into competitive multiplayer.

More details at http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Nature

EDIT: I'm so slow.

EDIT2: Impish is clearly the best nature.

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So, what is the Streetpass functionality in this then? I've only had one Pokemon Streetpass hit since starting and it only seemed to give me some pokemiles from it. Surely there must be more than just that given how much care has been put into the rest of the online features?

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