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One of the new things on Picross e3 is loads of new games and consoles get announced er, I mean there's a new mode where some of the rows or columns show combined totals. Like this:



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More Picross!!! Shit! I had no idea and I'm totally brass until the 20th. FFUUUUUUUU!

I was only coming in here to say that my weird 'loose connection' on my 3DSXL that meant I could turn off the whole system and reset the clock and date just by pressing anywhere on the case in the bottom right has now resolved itself really weirdly. So if anyone else has that happen to them, just put up with it for a month or so and see if it fixes itself before you trade in / send for repair.

More Picross though!

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Quick question, but is there any way you can check what games the previous owner has downloaded on the 3DS. Just brought a used one said he formatted it but he downloaded a few games.

Go into the eShop, scroll over to the far left and click on the icon labelled Settings/Other. Scroll down to the History segment and find Titles You've Downloaded. Unless he's formatted the eShop data as well all downloaded games should be listed there, ready to redownload.

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