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Agreed, to me it's always seemed like an odd criticism of the 2DS. Anyway, there's always stereo via headphones if it's important. Still a shame about your 3DS though - hopefully it won't develop any more malfunctions.

Are there any DS games that use stereo for anything clever? Like positional audio to help you solve puzzles, or something.

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I can't believe you guys are chatting in here while PHOENIX FUCKING WRIGHT is out on the eShop.

I've still not finished Phoenix Wright 1. My copy's slightly dodgy (sometimes the game crashes, corrupting the save file, when I close the lid of the DS) so I've started it about three times.

I've already bought the next few games in the series but I don't want to play them without finishing 1...

Might just buy it on iPad and play it through that way.

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Do you think I'll get on all right with PW5 if I haven't played no. 4? I completed the original 3 a long time ago.

Difficult to know but my guess is you're fine here.


Never played Phoenix wright games, Do I need to play other games in series or jump into the new one.

You NEED to play 1-3. You probably could muddle along fine but you're missing a really, REALLY good trilogy that won't be as good if you go back to them after later games.
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