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Where's the best place to pick up an XL these days?

£140 for a Cosmos Black one from Tesco online, with the £10 code off from Hot UK Deals, is the best I've seen so far.

Just looked, its £150 not £140. Cheers for the heads up. Tempted!
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AC adapter is pretty cheap though, and the adapter of the original 3DS and DSi s also fit if I'm not mistaken. I think I paid about a fiver for it though.

Join us noob! The 3DS XL is a fine little machine. Be prepared to carry your adapter around and subconsciously start looking out for wall outlets though, as battery life is terrible.

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The Tesco code only works for first time customers, I probably should have mentioned that.
There's nothing to stop you making an account with a different email address to take advantage of the offer though.

I used TDX-FQ7W to get the discount.

You get the (non-official) charger with it free if you order it at the same time as your XL too, making it £140 all in.


I'm all over this on pay day!!

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ooooh, really?

i need some games from the eshop, such as?


24th. And there's a demo up just now.

Woooo! Not going to play the demo though, that'll just leave me with the blue balls. Might play the original again though, I've got it on my iPhone at the moment if I'm not mistaken. Saves hunting through my DS carts.
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