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The Rllmuk Metal Thread Part 2

Transient Curse

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On 14/01/2019 at 16:47, cassidy said:

My sons band have a new video up on YouTube. Most expensive one they have done. 

I like the track, reminds me of a heavier PWEI. 





The riff sounds like it has been influenced by Gojira. I can 100% see the PWEI comparison too.

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Code Orange documentary! :omg:




“We just wanted to make something that kind of showed a little bit of a different side to us, but in our mind still rolled with the vision that we’re trying to create through our records. There’s a lot of loose band documentaries with a lot of footage that we all really liked watching, like Type O‘s After Dark or I have Nine Inch Nails‘ Closure, there’s a Pantera one, a great Manson one, a great KMFDM one … there’s just been a lot of cool ones over the years.


So we thought, actually about two years ago at this point, “Let’s just start shooting and see what we can do.” Shade is the one who kind of put the whole thing together and added all the visual elements to it, which I think make it really interesting.


So we just wanted to do something to shine light on a different side of what we do, because we haven’t really done anything that was, quote-unquote, “behind the scenes” with recording or us talking — we’re never done anything like that. It’s a little taste of what we thought would be cool for people who like us, or people who don’t!”


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20 hours ago, 5R7 said:

well...BMTH's new album...is...different.


Its such a departure for the most part, that at times you could think it was a different band!

There area a few tracks(maybe a third) that sound like, at the heaviest the last album.

In the old days some of them old massive bands used to release "experimental" albums, this at times feels like that!


Its like the followed the linkin park approach, where some fans never got past the change from the first album, to making something far more mainstream! and it is....and ...that isnt a bad thing imo.

Just listened to it. 


It doesn't feel very coherent to me at all, I don't begrudge them wanting to change their sound, and while I wish they'd written an album that I might like, it feels like it's such a departure that it might as well not be the same band. It could be the singer and the keyboard player's side project for at least half the album. I liked Mantra a lot and would have been ecstatic with an album of that sort of thing, I thought that Wonderful Life was ok, I didn't even hate Medicine, but whatever the next one was, the one that they released after that and now the album... 


It basically ends up that there are 2 songs that people who liked the previous album will get on with for sure (the ones they released with videos first), but beyond that, there's no reason to think liking the band up to now will be any indicator of the album suiting you. 


Bummer, I was looking forward to this one. 


I wonder what it's like for the guitarist, bassist and drummer now, they must be wondering about how long they'll be in a job for if this goes well. 

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New While she sleeps album! in a VERY nice digi cd pack! ill be back in 45 mins with thoughts lol


that...i liked...alot!


also, In Flames new album, i've never really listened to em, but this, this is good!

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Hello lovlies. I don't know if anyone is stupid as I am to have done this already but this is the first of probably 3 playlists of the best metal from last year. I went through 21 sites from the first few pages of google searching  and collated something stupid like 200+ albums and I've started splitting them into those that appeared once or twice, those that appear three or four and those that appear five plus. I may have apportioned this wrong as play list 1 here is 160+ albums so the last two are about 20 each.

There are some missing from my list as they aren't on Spotify so I'll search them out later. Hope you find summat you hadn't heard last year. I know I will have because I've not heard of a good 80% of the list. I'll post the rest up asap.

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