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FTL festive mini league


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With Mike's league full up I thought I would gauge interest in having a mini FTL league for those who missef out and have some free time over the festive period.

Format will be dictated by the numbers but the usual transfer twist will be in place.

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I want the FTL, I need the FTL. So you can stick all that, its better if we let the folk that missed out on the other cup get a shot, crap right up your farter Steely :P IN!!!!!

Remember the best goal ever scored that was never saved as a replay?

Luckily, you won't have that problem against me this year.

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Right! The set up...

Its gunna be one league, so quite intensive, play your matches in any order.

How its going to work

Its gunna be a lot more transparent than previous FTLs, player min releases, team budgets and Non FTL player costs will all be made public from the word go. There will be no limits on the amount of players you can buy and sell, but there will be a limit on how many Non FTL players you can have.


Since its Christmas and the season to be jolly, We won’t have any starting injuries. But... Im thinking every injury incurred will be a career ender due to the intensive nature of the league (of course), so any injury picked up during the game will mean that the player is ruled out for the remainder of the mini league campaign! Happy holidays! Its not all bad though, each team will get 1 or 2 magic sponges, which brings players back from the brink.

The Teams

It will be British teams only (If you want a good team then its gunna have to be prem!) Managers will be limited in stars as to who they can pick, EG Jamin gets the worst team. Etc. (Standard)

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I'm sure you'll cope Jambo

How about another league though Steely? We went Prem last time we limited it to a specific league and going elsewhere will give us a chance to nerf Jamin further than 3.5 stars he'll get if we go Prem *[spiteful]*

Edit - just seen you said 'British' teams, not 'Prem' teams which will give more scope

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First come, first served just make sure you pick a team you are limited to. (below)

Cary 5 - Man City

Graham 5 - Chelsea

Mardigan 4.5 - Spurs

Winch 4.5 - Arsenal

Manic 4 - QPR

Xyz 4

Sith 4 - Fulham

Steely 3.5 - Boro

Jamin 2.5

When picking your teams squads are based on those at sofifa.com, you can find line ups and team star ratings there.

Deadline tomorrow at 8pm earlier would be much appreciated!

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