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Dark Souls II - Prepare to Die, Again


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It looked so.....western and not much like the original DS. Glad it looks different but really caught me off guard. Had no idea it was Dark Souls until the title reveal. Once that hit though, I kinda got it and it makes total sense now.

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I wish my very face off that they'd trolled the players with an awesome, in-the-know subtitle like 'Dark Souls II - The Blighted Town' or something like that.

Anyway. Fuck. Yeah. All they need to do now is perform an Apple and say 'Dark Souls 2 - available RIGHT THE FUCK NOW.'

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Really not getting a Dark Souls vibe from that trailer. Which is a good thing, I guess. But if it is that different they should have gone with a new title rather than a sequel to Dark Souls. Dragon Souls, maybe?

Hmm, doesn't feel like a Dark Souls thread. It needs a longer thread title.

They should have called it Shadow's Souls - it would have been so perfect :D

But yeah, WANT

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