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Steam Secret Santa 2012


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Oooh I'd like to join! Is it not a better idea to put an upper limit though? I'm hardly minted so will feel bad of some people spend 20 quid compared to my fiver :lol:

Did have a limit initially last year but people said they'd prefer not to. I don't think the value matters, everyone knows you can get some amazing quality for a few pounds and the sale should be on when this is going. I think just so long you send something you enjoy or you think they'd enjoy everything is good, obviously if you send something like Bad Rats then you are a bad person. ;)

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I've still only got this comedy Pentium4 but I'll join in, it was quality last year. Was a lovely Xmas pressie from my santa, filled me with festive cheer so glad to join again!

JPR, have you still got details from last time? I think we're Steam friends anyway...

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I'd like to join in, but I'm overseas from 19th Dec and Steam always gives me grief when I try to purchase things from outside my home country (normally credit card rejection due to their security, despite having Steam Guard enabled!).

Anyone know if this has been fixed?

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I'm definitely in too, do you still have my details from last year JPR or do you need me to pm you them?

No I have them, added everyone except tyagi and sent invites.

tyagi sure I've seen it mentioned if you connect to your home store you can still make a purchase, http://store.steampowered.com/?cc=nz If you have trouble and can PayPal I could always get it for you.

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