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Sega Vintage Collection: Streets of Rage

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I always hated that SoR II got the XBLA treatment, when the original SoR was by far my fav in the series. HOWEVER, now they've released all 3 in one nice big package, and it's been knocked down to 400 points in the sale.

It's really nicely done, and has heaps of trials and challenges. Plus you can choose region and stuff and bind the controls whichever way you like.

I give it 5 Gees!

Anyone want to play online?

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I did one of the trials last night and came in 20th on the leader board! Yay!

Turns out you can download replays from all the other players on the board. You can run through their whole game, and there are heaps of controls while doing so. You can forward and rewind, pause, frame advance and there's also an input display.

There are save states too. I've created saves just before each of the bosses, which is handy for practicing owning them with no damage.

Its so good, I feel like a pig in shit!

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It has online co-op but I don't really know anyone that plays SoR so I haven't had a chance to try it out yet. Anyone game?

As for the trials, they are:

Easy Game Challenge (SoR, SoR 2 and SoR 3). No continues or saves allowed. Get as high a score as possible. (JP mode in SoR 3)

Normal Game Challenge (SoR, SoR 2 and SoR 3). Same but in normal mode. (JP mode in SoR 3)

Hard Game Challenge (SoR and SoR 2). Same but in hard.

Very Hard Game Challenge (SoR and SoR 2). You get the picture...

American Challenge (SoR 3). Clear the normal difficulty American version of SoR3. High scoring.

Round 7 Challenge (SoR). Clear the elevator as quickly as possible. Lost lives add to your time.

Horror House Challenge (SoR 2). Clear the House of Horrors as fast as possible. Lives add time again.

Extraction Challenge (SoR 3). Save the general as fast as possible. Lost lives add to the time.

I get the feeling that there may be more trials locked away.


Declawer Pt 1: Defeat clawed souther in Round 2 of SoR single handedly with Adam. (20)

A Kangaroo's Best Friend. Defeat Bruce and free Roo in SoR 3. (40)

Eyes in the Back of Your Head: Throw and enemy from behind in SoR. (20)

Beautiful Yet Deadly: Defeat Mona and Lisa in Round 5 single handedly using Blaze. (30)

Cat Like Reflexes: Perform a recovery after being thrown. (20)

Syndicate Crusher: Clear every game. (100)

A Display of Strength: Use special moves and hidden attacks of every character in every game (except secret characters). (20)

Declawer Pt 2: Defeat the clawed zamza in stage 3 single handedly with Skate in SoR 2. (20)

Heavy-weight Champion: Defeat Abadede in stage 4 single handedly with Max in SoR2. (30)

Ultimate Power: Max level a blitz attack in SoR3. (30)

Imposters Need Not Apply: Defeat Axel's imposter single handedly with Axel in SoR 3. (30)

A Hair's Breadth: Save General "The Chief" Peterov single handedly with Zan in SoR 3. (40)

There are also Jukeboxes! I have yet to try it with a custom soundtrack, but it'd be ace if I could play my own shit in the background while.

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You could not possibly be any more wrong. Streets of Rage has one of the very finest soundtracks of any game TO THIS DAY and you're considering playing your own stuff on top? Motherfucking blasphemy! :hmm:

No no no.

I LOVE the SoR soundtracks. But it bugs me that due to the limited channels on offer, parts of the track cut out when you do certain attacks or voices are played. SO, I'd like to be able to have a track of the SoR music on in the background, and the effects running over the top with no dropout. The MegaCD version was able to do this, but only because of the extra channels offered up by the extra hardware. Which makes me wonder actually, why didn't they use the MegaCD version for SoR??

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See also Yuzo's club set composed of SoR tracks:

13.30 for full 16-bit hands in the air euphoria. I fucking love that tune, it's like Black Box, Brothers in Rhythm, K-Klass and Inner City are all trapped inside a Megadrive and can only escape by blowing the console to pieces through pure Italo House power.

They should so blatantly give the Streets of Rage license to Rocksteady, and get Sasha to do the soundtrack.

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The bit that I hate most about SoR2 is that after attacking you're stuck to the ground for too long. Also they ruined Blaze.

You can jab your way through SOR2 against every enemy. Jab pause jab pause jab, no one can escape it.

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