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I want to know where I can see annotated pictures of the circuit board of the Wii U, with a clear indication of how it's more advanced than anything else out there.

It'd make a change from discussing yet another 2d Mario game.


There was an entire Iwata Asks article about it: http://iwataasks.nintendo.com/interviews/#/wiiu/console/0/0

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Shit man, that ZombieU video on the ubisoft site does make me want to play it. Seems so slicklifting the pad up in front of the TV. Will it really be like that? how does the pad know where the TV is? The base WiiU pack doesn;t have a sensor bar. Does ZombieU require the sensor bar for this functionality?

You can just use your sticks to move around during the scanning.

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Shopto preorder system is very unsatisfying.

Firstly they don't seem like they think they will have any worries fulfilling orders even though much bigger retailers are already saying you might not get it day one.

Secondly the card input interface is clunky as hell and I'm not convinced that I'm gonna get charged.

Thirdly it doesn't feel like I have actually placed an order. It just feels like I have said I kinda want one and they have said we kinda want to supply you with one. We'll make a note of it and see what we can do.

I'm worrying to much aren't I. I am really excited as I always am for a hardware launch. Ordered a Premium with Mario U.

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Me neither, knowing nothing about electronics but the circuit board design caused a lot of problems for 360 so I guess it's good to know the Wii U is well designed.

Nothing to do with the circuit board design per se, the X360 was fairly simple compared to the complexity of the PS3 layout, they just tried to squeeze too much heat producing equipment into too small a space (there is a link in the official Xbox website interviewing the engineer responsible for some of the box design, they chose the size of the console before they decided the parts to put into it) and neglected to fork out for a proper cooling solution, Nintendo got around the problem by not putting in a massive heat producing component in the first place, makes life simpler and cheaper.

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Jesus that art style is depressing. I feel for the kids who're stuck with this drab looking piece of shovelware.

It's by the team behind the Mass Effect port, they seemed quite happy about it as it's an original IP they wanted to make, in fact, I think they own it outright, as they already have Funky Barn 3D released by Ubisoft for 3DS.

And naturally, you're playing around with the hardware and you start to think about other ideas you have that might lend themselves to the console.

So we decided to put a bit of our own money into bringing something original to Wii U. That game, Funky Barn, has just been announced and will ship with 505 in the launch window.

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Isn't that everything to do with the circuit board?

Not really, they could have just made the console bigger or spent a lot of money, like Sony did, on a decent cooling system to cope with the heat. They were obsessed with getting a machine which would appeal to the Japanese market at the time, a big hulking box wouldn't cut it, even though the size is about the same as the original Xbox, the slim down is more of an optical illusion :)

The engineer talked about why they didn't have bigger cooling fans to make it quieter, he said the box size was fixed so he had no choice but to use smaller, noiser fans.

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I saw that yesterday. You came across very prudish, they were also a bit dry.

I wasn't offended by the GIANT INFLATABLE FIGHTING PENISES they tried to sell me, I just wondered why they thought that a person who has previously only bought Nintendo and Lego games from them might want them.

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