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Elite Dangerous - Thargoids declare WAR!


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Frontier have said:



“It’s something we would love to be able to support, but we have nothing to announce right now. From a technical standpoint, Elite Dangerous is one of the PC’s most high-end VR titles, pushing even very powerful PCs to their limit. We would want to hit our own high benchmark for quality on PlayStation 4.”


Is there a Sony mandate that all games, PSVR included, must work on the original PS4? If so then it might be this that's stopping Frontier announcing PSVR support. it's possible that the Pro might be able to handle a PSVR version but that they've struggled to develop a decent working OG PS4 version


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On 2017-6-14 at 14:44, Revival said:

A proper Hotas setup is being released for Xbox soon:




Oh fuck, I know I'm going to end up buying one.


If I had a dedicated gaming room, I'd also get the peddles and the flight chair. I don't think I'd get away with that in the lounge, though - I think my wife would notice the sofa being replaced with a fucking cockpit :lol:

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On 2017-6-14 at 12:48, Captain LeChuck said:

Yep. All PSVR games must work on all PS4s. Thing is, I'm not convinced even the Pro has the grunt for this game.

Slightly off topic, but I wonder how long they will continue with this policy? What happens, for example, when the PS4 Pro v2 comes out - will games have to run on all three iterations? I do like the theory of it, but it can't be sustained indefinitely.

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1 hour ago, Tezcatlipoca said:

It will require PS+ for Open and Private, but not Solo - exactly the same as the Gold requirements on Xbox One.

Cheers. Not getting much use out of plus at the moment so will let it slide.


Crap, I just realized that I'd also need to buy the season pass again.

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2 hours ago, FiveFootNinja said:

Got my pre-order sorted and the hype is building for me. Spent some of the day reading some guides, trawling a few articles on the Frontier Forums and watching a few videos. Can't wait!


What is the situation with an rllmuk group or similar? 


The "RLL Mukhang Symposium" is an rllmuk player-group minor faction based in the Imperial system "Mukhang" and some neighbouring systems.

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Yesterday I learned that it's possible to use some third-party software called TrinusPSVR to hook up a PSVR headset to a PC and make it essentially emulate a HTC Vive - which thus far has been ideal for me, considering I own a criminally underused PSVR headset and can't afford a Rift or a Vive. It's been pretty decent with Elite Dangerous so far, albeit a little hacky and certainly not as good as having a proper, dedicated setup.


I will say that the PSVR does suffer from a similar problem that that Oculus Rift DK2 did in that text in Elite Dangerous is incredibly tough to read. If Frontier Developments ever did make the PS4 version work in VR, that's something they'd seriously need to address.

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20 hours ago, FiveFootNinja said:

I'll search it out. I presume there will be references to it in the shared galaxy even if there are no players immediately in the PS4 instances?




Player group minor factions are just the same as NPC minor factions, except they were created by players. They function the same way. If a faction has a presence in a particular system on PC, it will have that same presence on Xbox and PS4.


All players share exactly the same galaxy, same background sim, same faction influences, same economy, same ongoing background story, etc. etc. etc. ... It's just that - apart from PC and Mac - they don't share the same instances with other platforms.



A separate thing to player group minor factions is private groups. Private groups are a platform-specific way for players to play together online without subjecting themselves to the potential risks of using the full Open play mode.


Solo, Private, and Open all share the same galaxy, the only difference is the instancing. In Solo, you are on your own; in Private, you can encounter other members of the same Private group on the same platform; and in Open, you can encounter anyone on the same platform.


Many Private groups exist already on PC and Xbox, and I'm sure the same will happen with PS4.


One of the biggest (maybe the biggest?) Private groups on PC is Mobius, which is a dedicated PvE group. It also has an Xbox branch.


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Adding to the previously posted video regarding 2.4: The Return -





GALNET: Galactic News: The Thargoids have Returned




16 JUNE 3303


Over the past few days, media streams have been abuzz with news that the so-called Unknown Ships are in fact Thargoid vessels, as many had speculated. The Federal Times, having spent several days confirming sources and authenticating reports, has now published an in-depth account of the events that led to the revelation.

It is understood that Professor Ishmael Palin, a leading authority on xeno-biological research, determined the vessels’ origin by comparing data from the Unknown Ships with older Thargoid samples. Palin’s experiments resulted in conclusive proof that the Unknown Ships were Thargoid.

A short time later, Palin’s data was seized by Federal agents, who attempted to convey it to a Federal research facility. But in a shocking turn of events, the ship carrying the data was attacked en route to its destination. There is strong evidence to suggest the attack was executed by Thargoid vessels.

The incapacitation of the Federal vessel resulted in the information entering the public domain. But the cryptic nature of the data meant that The Federal Times was compelled to conduct further research before publishing its report.

In its story, the Federal Times also posited that the barnacles may be of Thargoid origin, given their relationship with the Thargoid ships, but stopped short of suggesting a link between the Thargoids and the Unknown Probes and Artefacts, which many also believe to be non human objects.

Meanwhile, the public mood was best summarised by Kelvin Masters, a freelance journalist, who contributed the following to the Rewired news feed:

“Look at the history books. Every time we’ve met the Thargoids, there’s bloodshed. We need to prepare for the worst. I mean, they’ve already attacked human ships! What kind of contingencies do the superpowers have in place? And what do we know about the Thargoids’ capabilities? What kind of weapons do they have? What kind of defences? And why did the Federation take Palin’s data? Were they trying to keep it quiet? These questions need to be answered!”

The leaders of the galaxy’s three superpowers are expected to make statements shortly.





The location of the now derelict Federation capital ships that were attacked by Thargoids is HIP 17044.





I just got the warning in my inbox and it reads as follows:


“This is an urgent message from Commander Edward Lewis.There are forces out there that don’t want you to know the truth, but I have to make this public.

“I found a ship in HIP 17044. A Federal cap ship, shot to pieces. They were carrying the data the Feds stole from Professor Palin. The crew is dead, but they discovered something important about the Unknown Ships.

“There’s beacon in the wreckage broadcasting a message, over and over. It proves what we suspected. They’re back. And the whole galaxy needs to know. The Thargoids have returned.”



If you want to see it in-game, head to system HIP 17044, go to the second planet, then select the Asterope system in your galaxy map and head 10,000ls toward it. You should then find a distress beacon containing the eerie warning. 




I went there last night to have a look. It's quite eerie. More than one dead Fed ship, all with green smokey stuff around the damaged areas.





Elite Dangerous - HIP 17044 Thargoid attack 01.PNG

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2 hours ago, Fry Crayola said:

There's one single news souce, the GalNet, which is both in-game and hosted online here


Thats nice, is that accessible from your ship or only at space stations?


I really hope they do some sort of space radio, maybe a few fictional talk shows interspersed with music..

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GalNet is accessible from your ship as well as stations. Stations also have local news for their system.



There is actually a "space radio", too: Lave Radio


You can listen to it online, subscribe via iTunes, *and*... Listen in-game by flying near the Lave Radio Sidewinder in the Lave system.






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Anyone watch the Frontier Dev PS4 livestream? I had to dip in and out but my key takeouts were...

  • DualShock4 controls look good, especially the head movement via the pad gyro.
  • The touchpad can also be used like a smartphone style pinch to zoom etc... on the galactic map.
  • The DS4 light bar will react with colours based on alert status (e.g. Red when being attacked)
  • PS4 apparently looks like the XBox One version, PS4 Pro (what they did the demo on) gives it some more beans (and I think 60fps) but no 4K or HDR at launch. There are two display modes, one for performance and one for looking good (can be changed mid game)
  • The HOTAS 4 wil be fully supported at launch but that is the only one for now
  • USB keyboards can be used for chat but not button mapping
  • All the game is there and will be in parity with the other platforms going forwards with seasons/updates. There will also be platform specific fixes as required.
  • No PSVR announcement for launch (but also not a flat 'it is not coming')
  • The shared galaxy will work exactly like the other platforms, and there will be a community goal set next week that will be suitable for Sidewinder wielding PS4 newbies to get involved with too.
  • Servers will be activated around the 3-4pm mark on Tuesday. Anyone with the game prior to that can get setup and do the tutorial/training missions but not get into the main game.
  • There will be a day one patch.


There may be more, will probably listen to it at work tomorrow. You can view it here...



EDIT: Much more comprehensive write up of the stream discussion here... https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php/359059-PS4-Post-livestream-FAQ?p=5637760

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Updates... I'm not sure how many of you are involved on the Frontier Forums, but I've been on there a fair bit over the past week and a couple of new things have come up that I thought I'd share here...



Some people have received copies of the PS4 game today in the post and there have been some comments about issues with - sometimes quite severe - screen-tearing on both PS4 and PS4 Pro. This was something that the FDev presenters on the live stream noticed on Thursday and seem slightly surprised by when playing too worryingly.


Obviously all the examples are without the day one patch being applied yet so it may improve, however the FDev representatives have commented to say they are investigating but have no information at this time which makes me think it's not something they have been ready to address. There has been a bit of the usual flapping but I don't think it's gamebreakingly bad from what I've seen.


You can see a couple of videos below to make your own mind up. It mainly shows up in bright areas when doing rapid head look movements. However there was also a Twitch feed earlier of someone playing it live on a Pro, and in my opinion it all still looks very playable. :)


Twitch stream copy can be found here...



Screen-tearing video here (this is the worst example, skip to about 2:40 onwards)...





This could all be a lot of hot air, but there have been reports (mainly via Reddit) that some disgruntled PvP groups are trying to organise some protest action because of some previous beef from the PC . 


If rumours are to believed they intend to stage action in the starting systems on all platforms to try and influence the BGS negatively on launch day for new PS4 players (e.g. Knock out commodities values, reduce ship part availability etc...). Also some of them to apparently intend to buy the PS4 game, grind fast up to combat ships and then hang around to kill Sidewinders (even though we'll get the free rebuys with it).


Recommended action for new players, should it happen is... a) jump out of the starting systems as soon as you can to give yourself some distance from the idiots, b) use the block player controls to get rid of individuals, c) consider going into a closed/private game for a while if it does go bad.



I think that's it for now, if anything else crops up I'll post again. :)

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V-Sync has come up a few times. Apparently in dev mode you would usually disable it so thoughts are may be this needs switching on with the day-one patch. We'll see.


Unfortuntely option d isn't viable for me, I've been waiting 2.5 years to play this bloody thing I'm not letting some grumpy kids stop me now! :D

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19 hours ago, Captain LeChuck said:

I'm gonna go for option d) Not bother at all because I've seen all the game has to offer on the Xbone, and all that's left is these griefing twats.


What utter codswallop.

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Never had a problem with greifing with 1400 hours played, at least half of which was in open, on PC.


In fact very very rarely even saw a player, let alone got grief from one. Don't worry ps4 guys, it'll be fine.

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Yeah once you're a few jumps from the starter systems actually seeing other people will be a rare and exciting event outside of the community goals and the likes that bring players together.


Nothing wrong with playing in Solo if absolutely necessary, anyway. You'll barely notice a difference 90% of the time.


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  • Thor changed the title to Elite Dangerous - Thargoids declare WAR!

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