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Elite Dangerous - September update out now, Fleet Carriers coming December

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The aliasing always bugged me too, so much shimmering. 


Any word on a full release date?  I won't bother with the beta as my game time is so limited but I'm definitely gonna dust off the HOTAS when the time comes.

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I've been grinding away at this trying to make about 20M so I can get a decent exploring ship with a decent jump range and it feels like I'm in a rut. I'm finding that once you pass the million credits mark, it's all either interactive but not very lucrative work (salvage missions, pirate hunting) or jump-here-do-this tedium (passenger missions and trading). Whatever approach I take, I'm tending to make about 250K-500K per hour in the game with my Cobra, does that improve much as you get a larger ship? Would it really take 100+ hours of gameplay to get the big ships?


I feel like I'm at the stage with F2P games where I kind of tune out and move on, which would be a shame because I enjoy happening upon odd sights and the flight model is fun when I get to really test it out. Maybe I should be playing with a squad or something.

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Sometimes you have to grind to get the cash. But it sounds to me like your doing low-paying jobs. 


I've been out of the game for a while, but you should check out the official forums. There's almost always some kind of gold rush somewhere where you can make a lot of money in a short amount of time. 


Next week's major update may also turn up some interesting credit-making scenarios. :)

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That’s kind of why I want the Asp, all those good exploring possibilities in the update. I’ve come up with a compromise build that I could probably afford now with a sensible rebuy buffer, but I’m worried about the boredom factor of a shorter jump range and a slower scoop.


Maybe I should go back to bounty hunting again. The October can really move when it needs to.


Edit - I'm probably just cranky because I didn't check a tourist job well enough, three of four items out of the way and then it turns out that I have to travel well outside of occupied space in a Thargoidy direction, and I'd never even fuel scooped before. Three god damn hours. ("Movement of Four", the universe's most unlikely tourist beacon location.) Got me caught up on my podcasts at least.

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:lol: I'm not scraping around in a flying bin at hour 100 or anything. It's a Cobra worth about 1.5 M, I've got about 20 M in the bank, and probably about 20 hours. I'm just not used to games with more of an, uh, MMORPG kind of progression.

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It says "5W, 1D, 19H, 14MIN" in "Approximate Time Played" which is, uh, almost certainly not accurate. I haven't played my PS4 for 800 hours, much less Elite in particular.

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If it's 800 hours I am both worse than I ever believed possible and have a higher tolerance to boredom than I had assumed, but I've definitely not put in the 100 hours I did on Peace Walker and Persona 4.


I think?


Y'know, I often leave this on rest mode without logging out, I wonder if it's adding a bunch of slack time that way.

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Ha, it probably is. You want to be careful. If you do that while out in the black, and you're in Open, other CMDRs may stumble upon you, and kill you. 

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Wrapping up some business after yesterday's fiasco turned in to this:



Reminded me of why I'm really playing the game in the first place, so I spent a modest amount of money outfitting a ship for exploration and the odd long-haul transport job. Need to come up with a better name though:







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Got to love the cockpit view, no more upside-down landing approaches for me. I've even turned off look-to-focus on the cockpit panels now they're not just covering up bulkheads. 


I think I'll probably never get in to the Large ship class, but I don't think that's really where I want to be in the game anyway, daydreams about smacking Pirates around notwithstanding.

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Aye, its cockpit is unmatched. Some come close, but the Asp Explorer's is still the best. If/when I get to play this in VR (I'm hopeful this will be viable on PS5), I'll be going back to the Picard, engineering it even more if possible, and then doing some proper exploration in it. 

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Patch notes out:





New Features


Discovery Scanner upgraded to include access to the new Full Spectral System (FSS) scanner mode



Players use the FSS Mode to discover stellar bodies, stellar phenomenon, USSs, scenarios, distress calls, mission targets and more

There is now only one Discovery Scanner available in game, which is based on the basic variant. Commanders that have purchased either the intermediate or advanced scanners will receive a credit refund


Detailed Surface Scanner upgraded to include access to brand new planet probes



Players can fire probes at bodies to gather data that can be sold.

Players can also use these probes to pinpoint places of interest on landable planets as well as uncover lucrative places in planetary rings to mine

Each body has a "probe efficiency" target; if the player maps 100% of the body using either the same or less than the target, they are awarded a bonus


Added "First Mapped By" tag - the first commander to 100% map a stellar body and sell the data at a port will be named for everyone to see



Players will be unable to map Sol, Achenar or Alioth as these systems are already fully mapped


Revamped look of the bonus popup when selling data

A credit bonus will be awarded for players that get either 100% first discovered or 100% first mapped in a system

Added new things to find!

Orrery view added - players can access the schematic orrery view of systems from the system map





Codex added to the ship's internal (right hand) panel. The Codex contains:



Commander Stats


- Logs important player statistics
- Session Log records important game events for players review 
- Archive holds all text and audio logs taken from the numerous narratives from across the galaxy
- Audio logs can be added to the improved Playlist feature




- Contains either rumored, reported or discovered entries from across the 42 different galactic regions
- Discoveries are broken down in to 3 categories (Stellar Bodies, Biological and Geological, and Civilisations)


Knowledge base


- Various articles from the rich history and lore of the Elite universe, from the history of the Super Powers, to important characters and corporations
- Each article is narrated and can be added to the improved Playlist feature

Background Simulation



Factions can now be in multiple states within each system that they are present

Economic and Security status added

War, Civil War and Election states are now a 7 day conflict, where players engage in activities (such as winning conflict zones in War and Civil War states) and attempt to beat their opponents

Added a new 'Happiness' level for each faction, that is a combination of various states and influence. Happiness also plays into the Expansion state

Civil Liberty state added (part of the Security Status)

Added more information to the status tab in the right hand cockpit panel to help players manage/support factions


Megaships and Installations



Added new megaships and installations

Applicable megaships will move location, on a weekly tick





Added new scenarios with voice over direction and feedback, and on screen choices and objectives

Scenarios come in the form of USSs, Megaship, Installations and Conflict Zones

Conflict zones are now round based; players battle to win a round which then feeds into the war state

Side objectives can appear, and if the player completes them, they are awarded a points boost

Once a round has finished, a new one will begin after a short pause



Combat specific ambient chatter added.

Ambient chatter now is now in place throughout the entire game and not just around stations.

3000 + lines of NPC dialogue added to support scenario driven gameplay.





Added new lighting model, using dynamic exposure

Colour grading applied to various situations in the game, improving the look and feel of the game world

Added a new 'Night Vision' mode to Ships, Fighters and SRVs, to allow players to navigate dark sides of planets, rings and other areas of the game


Cockpit UI



External Ship panel (left hand side)



Combined 'clear filters' option with the 'set filters' option on the Navigation panel

Added filters to the Transaction tab

Added context sensitive, quick action button to contacts (such as 'Request Docking' when targeting a port)

Combined sub-targets and inventory into a new 'Target' tab, with filters


Comms Panel (top left)



Reordered the tabs

Added support for combining channels in to one main chat channel, or set them as separate tabs

Options added to give the player the ability to combine chat channels in to a tab, or split them out

Added the ability to select any Commander in a chat channel to interact with them (incl. invite to wing, invite to crew, voice comms, invite to squadron, block, report, direct comms, and view gamercard where applicable)

Added a binding to select a different chat channel in the input field

Combined invitations and multicrew tabs together in to a 'Social' tab which includes:


- Multicrew (find crew, join a ship)
- Friends invites
- Wing invites
- Online friends


Squadron feed tab added


Internal Panel (right hand side)



Added a new 'Home' tab that replaces the previous status tab


- Includes new buttons to launch various features (holo-me, squadrons, codex, powers, Galnet etc)
- Also include better Playlist feedback


Replaced fire groups "1, 2, 3..." with "A, B, C..." to avoid confusion between group and fire buttons

Added new contextual 'Ship' tab that replaces the 'Functions' tab and includes sections for 'Ship Preferences', 'Pilot Preferences' and 'Ship Stats'

Inventory tab now has icon filters instead of text filters, increasing usable screen space

Improved refinery layout that includes the ships cargo capacity

Updated 'Status' tab to now include local faction information, Super Power and Powerplay status, a Session Log digest, info on Finances and acquired Permits all in a more legible way

New Playlist feature that replaces the GalNet player, allowing players to queue and manage several types of media (GalNet news articles, codex articles, inbox audio logs etc.)

Text Chat Channels



New star system wide text chat now available

Profanity filter added, with a toggle to turn it off


Friends and Group Management



Improved layout and pagination to display large numbers of friends or groups

Display last online activity

Improved Search functionality : search results are now players only, allowing you to add to friends or to join private group

Improved popup to interact with friends / Commanders / private groups

Improved visibility of friends statuses (online + mode / offline / blocked)


Localised COVAS



Added 5 free localised COVAS packs:



Luciana : Spainish

Maksim: Russian

Vitoria: Brazillian Portuguese

Gerhard: German

Amelie: French




Players can now create a Squadron (for a credit fee), or browse existing ones to join from the right hand cockpit panel

Play style tags can be used when creating a Squadron, and as a filter when browsing existing ones

Squadrons can be aligned to a Superpower, Power and a Faction



Squadron allegiance page allows in depth data on chosen Faction


Squadrons can take part in the various leaderboards, and compete for the top spot

Squadron feed tab in the Comms panel lists certain events, as well as Public and Internal posts

Squadron management tools (applicable to certain ranks):



Invite Commanders to join

Kick lower ranked members

Promote/demote lower ranked members

Change lower ranked privilages

Create posts

Accept applications

Set if the Squadron is accepting new members

Join in the Leader text chat channel




3 new mining processes added (in addition to the standard mining laser process)



Surface Deposits - material deposits that can be found on the surface of asteroids

Sub-surface Deposits - material deposits that can be found below the surface of an asteroid

Fissures - setting the correct 'Seismic charge' into fissures will split the asteroid apart, allowing the deep core materials to be mined

Added new high value materials


4 new mining tools added to outfitting



Pulse wave Analyser - a scanner used to pinpoint asteroids that support the new extraction processes

Abrasion Blaster - used to break off surface material deposits from asteroids

Sub-surface Displacement Missile - Allows recovery of sub-surface material deposits from asteroids

Seismic Charge Launcher - Allows recovery of deep core materials by splitting the asteroid apart

New Ships

Krait Phantom (Faulcon DeLacy)

With a spacious cargo hold and a relatively generous quantity of hardpoints, the Krait Phantom is a versatile ship suited to a range of roles. It has enough firepower to hold its own against larger targets, and enough straight-line speed to outpace smaller targets. The ship also offers eight internal compartments, allowing the pilot to tailor the ship to their requirements. And while it lacks the firepower and fighter bay of its sister ship, the Krait Mk II, it is both faster and lighter.



2 large and 2 medium hardpoints

8 Internal optional slots

Top speed of 256m/s and a boost speed of 358m/s

8.23LY laden FSD range


Mamba (Zorgon Peterson)

Based on an unreleased racing prototype, the Mamba is one of the fastest ships in production. It can also deliver a lot of punishment, boasting one huge and two large hardpoints. This emphasis on firepower and speed means the ship can hit hard and fast, vanishing before the target has a chance to react. Comparisons to the Fer-de-Lance, also produced by Zorgon Peterson, will be inevitable, but the Mamba is in fact faster in a straight line, while being slightly less maneuverable. 



1 huge, 2 large and 2 small hardpoints

5 internal optional slots

Top speed of 316m/s and a boost speed of 387m/s

6.37LY laden FSD range


Quality of Life



Display a notification icon to indicate new bindings are available to the player

Starport contacts now displayed as a grid, rather than a flat list

Added icon to info panel to show players if their ship or SRV lights are on

Audio Options screen:



Added “Wavescanner Autodocking” option. Disable this to hear the SRV wavescanner more clearly at high speeds

Audio Options screen is reorganised for more clarity and ease of use

Restore defaults button added

The default position on the Audio volume sliders is now indicated.

The child volume sliders can now be boosted above the default value.

Important note: your volume sliders will be reset to default position when you first run 3.3.

Bug fixes and Improvements

This update includes well over 2000 fixes for various issues that have been discovered and investigated during the development process. For the sake of clarity, we have primarily listed below fixes for issues that have been reported to us by the community or other significant changes.




Fixed clipping issues when deploying weapons

Alliance Challenger



Fixed misplaced caustic damage decals

Fixed missing engine trails

Fixed Ship ID cameras being swapped


Alliance Chieftain 



Fixed very quiet multicannons




Fixed size 3 hardpoint doors getting in the way of the size4 hardpoint

Corrected mirrored text on external panel


Asp Scout



Added correct material to the reverse thrusters

Diamondback Explorer



Fixed LOD issues with hardpoint covers

Fixed gap in cockpit





Fixed paintwork showing wear even when at 100%

F63 Condor



Corrected mirrored external decals

Federal Dropship



Fixed thermal vent placement

Federal Gunship



Fixed engine flaps animating incorrectly

Guardian Fighters



Fixed Small Guardian Gauss Cannon clipping through hardpoint when deployed

Corrected the left and right cockpit panel positions


Imperial Clipper



Fixed floating cockpit geometry

Imperial Cutter



Fixed some mirrored text on external panels

Imperial Eagle



Fixed incorrect shadow being used

Fixed gaps in cockpit when using EDTracker or VR


Imperial Fighter



Fixed clipping when docking with mothership

Krait Mk.II



Fixed Z-fighting in cockpit

Landing gear now lines up with ship door

Fixed the engine boost SFX sounding like 'Hello'

Decreased brightness of the red proximity warning lights

Fixed overly 'scratched' cockpit glass

Corrected the order of its bobble head slots





Fixed cockpit seat being incorrectly placed

Fixed various model issues

Fixed winglets not animating correctly





Fixed gap in between ship body and thrusters




Fixed hole in the side of the ship

Can now put a Size 2 passenger cabin in the size 2 slot





Fixed the schematic having incorrect drives

Fixed engine VFX being too far behind the actual thruster


Viper Mk.III



Fixed paintwork showing wear even when at 100%




Fixed situations where security ships and Thargoids could incorrectly start attacking each other

Fixed NPC ships charging FSD with weapons still active

Ensure the 'Terrorist' archetype always comes with a bounty

Fixed authority ships occasionally firing Plasma rounds when scanning ships

Fixed NPC having no FSD cooldown after being interdicted

Destroying an NPC power plant now takes the ship down to 40% power (inline with player ship behaviour)

NPC ships should use the reboot/repair option when drives are at 0%


Avatar Animations



Correctly invert the joystick animations if the controls are inverted

Cockpit UI



Correctly display if a targeted ship is in a wing or multcrew

When firing weapons while looking at the module panel, the ammo count will now properly update

Widened the target panel to fit in longer ship names

Ensure ammo count is correct on the module tab after reloading weapons

Ensure Commander names are always displayed in the comms panel

Ensure module priority is retained after ship destruction

Comms panel will no longer expand without focusing on it, if players leave the ships Multicrew session

Fixed the navigation panel not displaying the correct destination system when in hyperspace in some cases

Ensure completed and finished community goals are cleared from the transaction tab

Make chat messages time display the same time as the galaxy time when using a machine in a different time zone

Fixed an issue that caused inbox messages to show incorrect, and sometimes invalid, times and dates. PS4 only

Fixed some inbox messages not clearing the notification icon once read

Fixed overlapping text between inbox message subject and date

Fixed cases where the fuel bar incorrectly indicates that the player has enough fuel to make a jump that it actually can't


Commodities Market



Fixed UI spacing issues with the commodities screen




Fixed the Thrust Master HOTAS S4 not appearing in the control screen
Ensure default mappings appear for the Thrustmaster HOTAS4

Console Achievements 



Added 3 new Trophies on PlayStation 4

Added 10 new Achievements on Xbox One





Fixed a potential server disconnect when using beam lasers in CQC

Fixed CQC structures disappearing when authority machine leaves the match





Fixed a hang that could occur whilst fighting a Thargoid Interceptor

Fixed crash that could occur when a fighter is docking

Fixed crash that could occur on PS4 when in Multicrew

Fixed crash that could occur whilst docking at "Chelomey Orbital" in Cubeo

Fixed crash that could occur with Powerplay data

Fixed crash that could occur when selecting the galaxy map from the transactions tab

Fixed crash that could occur when exiting multicrew

Fixed crash that could occur whilst reading an inbox message during a hyperspace jump

Fixed crash that could occur whilst deploying a fighter when in a multicrew session

Fixed a crash that could occur when handing in a mission

Fixed a crash that could occur when dropping out of Supercruise at a port

Fixed frame rate issues after driving on a planet surface for an amount of time

Fixed crash that could occur during ship reboot/repair

Fixed a crash that could occur when exiting the Galaxy Map

Fixed a softlock that could occur whilst loading in to the game

Fixed crash that could occur when opening the system map

Fixed crash that could when dropping into planetary rings

Fixed crash that occur when loading in to the game

Fixed crash that could occur when switching screen resolutions

Fixed crash that could occur when plugging in a controller

Fixed a crash that could occur as a player joins a Multicrew ship that is near a volcanic POI

Fixed crashed that could occur when fighting a Hydra

Fixed crash that could occur when switching between a mothership and fighter

Fixed crash that could occur if multiple Commanders playing on either PS4 or Xbox One were on a planet surface in their SRVs


Crime and Punishment



Ensure a Powerplay bounty does not cause a premium for transporting the ship it was incurred on




Corrected some inconsistencies in Engineer descriptions

Added a line to explain that pinned blueprints may differ if applied to a different module

Ensure there is room to display the modified icon even with long module names

Balance pass on the High Yield Shells engineering special

Reduced the grade thresholds of the Colonia engineers


Fighter Crew



Fixed instance where fighter crew in control of the mothership were trying to use FSD when the ship was nav locked to another ship, causing ship to become unresponsive to player input

Fixed typo in crew lounge

Fixed fighter crew sometimes struggling to dock a fighter with its mothership


Galaxy Map



Fixed systems controlled by Pilots Federation not appearing under the civilisation filter

Selected filter settings remain selected when changing map configurations





Packhound missiles no longer clip through planet landscapes

Fixed odd VFX artifacts on ships drives when at low throttle

Ensure player set PIPS are retained when the ship is dismissed and recalled

Tweaked the position of the interdiction UI element in the three Alliance ships

Search and Rescue +/- buttons now increase/decrease if held down

Fixed incorrect ship schematics displaying inside some ships cockpits

Unified the GalNet logos to be the one with 7 points in all screens

Fixed unreachable listening post In the "HIP 16753" system

Fixed missing text in the Rhenium material description

Fixed incorrect details title for Chemical processors material description

Added missing "Independent" icon where applicable


Generation Ships



Removed the unnecessary warnings when firing weapons near a Generation Ship

Guardian Beacons



Corrected some text errors

Fix for VFX disappearing when scanned

Fixed LOD issues on beacon

Fixed pylons animating before fully powered

Fixed over sized physics

Fixed pylon light clipping through ships

Fixed ships being able to clip through the 'orb'


Guardian Sites



Fixed floating geometry

Corrected some obelisk symbols to match what the object actually requires

Tweaked Guardian material drop rate, in an effort to make it more balanced across the different rarities





Added a new space bar, "The Orange Sidewinder"

Listening Posts



Fixed typos in Alpha Centauri B 1 listening post

Livery Items



Fixed LOD issue with onion head decal




Fixed truncated Search and Rescue Agent text in Russian

Corrected typo in Synthetic Meat commodity description

Fixed typo in Carbon class star description





Fixed description errors with Delta, Epsilon and Gamma obelisk data

Fixed Piceous Cobble being hard to collect

Increased the drop rate of more common guardian materials

Fixed the crystalline cluster model

Fixed Strange Wake Solutions description typo

Reduce the chance the of mineral deposits spawning inside surface rocks





Ensure that rescue ships offer the limpet restock service

Ensure players don't get stuck in the Alcatraz Class Prison in HIP 17962 system, when dropping out at it's location





Increased wing delivery mission payouts

Fixed Federal rank not increasing when successfully completing applicable mission

Fix for valid massacre targets not counting towards mission progress

Fixed USS not spawning for 'Wet Work' missions

Corrected some Massacre missions that had inconsistent rewards for number of targets

Stop missions requesting cargo that it views as illegal (Federal mission asking for imperial slaves, for example)

Balance pass on Super Power reputation gain

Added destination faction to passenger VIP missions

Updated mission wording to reflect that ports in lock down do not have access to their commodities market

Stop planetary scan missions sending players to scan mission giving faction

Allow kills outside target system to count in assassination missions (fixes ships appearing to not be mission targets when they leave the target system)

Ensure follow on missions spawn at the players current reputation level

Added extra info to time bonus mission objectives

Altered Massacre faction selection to prevent the target faction generator from picking the same target that is giving the mission.

Delivery and Smuggle missions now warn players about being cargo laden and reduced jump range

Reduce chance planetary Scan chooses POI owned by mission giver

Added missing hand in faction information to delivery missions

Fixed race mission wrinkles appearing with very little time to complete them





Fixed the saved plotted route being cleared when entering multicrew

Fixed geyser particle effects not appearing for a multicrew crew member





Fixed situations where NPC ships could disappear from Supercruise when a player drops out of SC

Fixed Planet SYNUEFE VM-D C15-10 2 A causing players to get stuck in log in loop

Fixed possible disconnect when trying to escape a Thargoid





Fixed softlock that could occur when attempting to purchase or retrieve 5D Guardian Module Reinforcement

Fixed missing "?" in livery section

Fix for point defense module not restocking correctly

Timers for modules in transit should now reflect time remaining more accurately

Ensure modules are listed under correct categories in stored modules tab

Players can only fit one FSD interdictor, as there is no benefit to fitting more and causes confusion

Fixed outfitting stats becoming out of sync and applying incorrect values (a distance value for damage type, for example)

Ensure all applicable multicrew enabled weapons/modules are clearly marked in outfitting

Fixed dark lighting and outfitting cameras for the SRV

Fixed livery filters not working

Fixed incorrect schematic used for 8A thrusters

Added 1 more ship and 2 more utility stock slots to all markets


Passenger Missions



Added the faction to deliver to in transaction panel

Ensure VIP passenger missions display their expiration time on the transaction tab

Fix some passenger missions incorrectly reducing the timer by ~20mins when accepting them

Ensure passengers that claim to be unfazed by hull damage, are actually unfazed


Player Factions



Add faction descriptions

Player Journal



Multiple faction activestates – in Location and FSDJump events

The first “Cargo” event written to the journal contains full inventory

Added “AsteroidCracked” event

Added “SAAScanComplete” (Surface Area Analysis) event

Added “CodexDiscovery” event

Added “FSSDiscoveryScan” and “FSSSignalScan” events

Added several events for Squadrons

Simplify the “Category” in MaterialTrade

Clarify meaning of bit 14 in status file: was called “under ship” but actually indicates when turret is retracted

ApproachSettlement now includes Latitude and Longitude

Note Bounty event is different for Skimmer bounty

Update description of StoredShips event with InTransit flag

Add ActiveFine info to Docked event

EngineerProgress event at startup with summary for all engineers currently known

Note a new ShipTargetted event is generated after using KillWarrantScanner, with updated bounty for target

Note the MissionRedirected mission name now has any trailing “_name” removed

Added MyReputation in faction list in FsdJump and Location events

Added “FSDTarget” event when selecting a starsystem to jump to

Added MissionID to cargo to indicate if it is mission-related: in Cargo, CollectCargo, EjectCargo events

In ship loadout, indicate if it is ‘hot’

Cargo summary is now written to a separate file, and updated when data changes

Add “HullHealth” stat in the “Loadout” event

MissionCompleted now indicates correct destination after redirection


Player Stats



Ensure 'Time Played' updates correctly




Added missing habitation ring to "Greeboski's Outpost"

Ensured all new adverts are being displayed correctly

Fixed docking computer causing hull damage in a ship with no shields, when docking at surface ports

Fixed situation where loading into the game whilst docked on a pad can cause shields to go offline





Fixed broken 'Exploitation impact' column on Edmund Mahon's screen

Corrected Aisling expansion instructions





Fixed low quality shadows appearing when entering Orbital Cruise on PS4

Corrected the rendering order of nebula

Fix for the FSD charge up visual becoming mis-aligned after using vanity camera

Fixed galaxy background vanishing after a Thargoid hyperdiction

Fixed missing particles in some hi-res screenshots


Ship Launched Fighters



Fixed inability to deploy fighter weapons if the motherships weapons weren't deployed before switching




Ensure scanned skimmers return appropriate details on the target panel




Fixed the targeting reticule displaying when the weapon is deactivated

Stellar Forge



Renamed "Pleiades Sector Ir-W D1-55" to "Delphi"

Fixed connection issues around "COL 285 SECTOR CV-Y D41 7 E"

Fixed typo in the LHS 3006 system description

Moved 2 moons in Kyloasly DA-A f69 slightly apart so that they no longer intersect

Fixed "Lucifers" orbital period

Fixed the star in the system "HD 168352" having a too small radius

Ensure I Bootis B and C are a contact binary again

Renamed some duplicate systems

Persistent POIs now consistent for different graphics card vendors

Corrected Sednas position on it's orbit

Corrected the positions of the three ports around Earth

Fixed Moon GD 319 1 A intersecting ring of planet GD 319

Fixed some Class V gas giants being overly bright pink





Required grade 5 materials now display their correct grade icon (and not grade 4)

System Map



Corrected overly bright/shiny planets

Ensure players can set navigation targets from the system map





Thargoid Interceptors can now still engage players, even if they are close to them

Interceptors now launch Thargon kamikaze attacks if they detect a port

Corrected some lore inconsistencies found in megaship logs to do with the Thargoid Link


Vanity Camera



Fixed inverted joystick animations when using the vanity camera

Vanity Items



Improved some of the visual artifacts on the Corvette Razor pack

Increased space between the text and icon on the Trader Name Plate

Ensure all engine colours are correct when customised engine trail colours are turned off

Ship names can now have blank spaces at the beginning and end

Fixed clipping on Vulture ship kit





Fixed Neutron star cones only appearing in the left eye of the HMD

Capped the frame rate whilst on the main menu to 90fps, to stop HMD's overheating





Ensure the 'Restock All' option actually restocks the 1F Guardian Shard Cannon (Turret)

Corrected inconsistency in AX outfitting descriptions

Fixed Guardian Shard Cannon clipping through Type 7

Fixed missing VFX on small Guardian Shard Cannon

Fixed LOD issue with small Guardian Shard Cannon

Fix LOD issue on Guardian Plasma Charger

Fixed Guardian Shield Reinforcement Packages preventing shields restoring after reboot/repair

Reduce the brightness of the enforcer cannon when it has a white weapon colouring applied to it

Fixed module reinforcement packages being disabled under certain circumstances

Corrected the cargo hatch closing when deploying a limpet and causing ship speed to change

Corrected the retract animation on the Guardian Plasma Charger

Limpets will now collect cargo that has been forcibly ejected from the players ship

Corrected the Advanced Plasma Accelerator recoil animation

Corrected typo in Remote Release Flechette Launcher

Fixed SFX for the Kill Warrant Scanner sometimes going missing when switching between ship and fighter

Fixed turrets firing at ships which are at 0% hull


Wing Missions



Fixed case where mission progress wasn't shared between players in Multicrew

Fixed trade wing missions not sharing Trade rank progression with wing





Ensure the 'target my wing mans target' key works in all applicable situations

Fix for dropping out at a wake that is close to a planet, which should mean you drop out much closer to your intended target


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The discoveries interface that lets me find out that a player has stumbled on some Thargoid stuff and see the system it was reported in.

Bit of exposure mapping, finally caught up with The Lost Coast in rendering technology.

Headlights indicator.




There's no way to map the controls for HUD mode switching and all the other new nonsense on to a Dual Shock 4 pad in a way that's intuitive. They've completely overcooked it now.

Framerate seems choppier.

Cursor positioning and movement in menus is still complete nonsense and needs to be rewritten.


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The new orrery view is very disappointing. I’d assumed it would be like the 3D system view in Frontier, where you could take a closer look at planets and their moons, and generally use it as a kind of interactive planetarium, but in-game, the planets just appear as wireframe outlines. It looks rubbish, and doesn’t appear to be of much practical use, either. 

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I would like something like it because I can never really get a good grasp on the distances and where stations are in relation to each other in the 2D map, but it's not great.

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The Krait Phantom looks like a pointless ship. It's lighter and a tiny bit faster than a normal Krait, but I don't think it's light/fast enough to be worth the downgrade in weapons and cargo space.

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2 hours ago, K said:

The new orrery view is very disappointing. I’d assumed it would be like the 3D system view in Frontier, where you could take a closer look at planets and their moons, and generally use it as a kind of interactive planetarium, but in-game, the planets just appear as wireframe outlines. It looks rubbish, and doesn’t appear to be of much practical use, either. 


It is useful if you are planning a route through a system exploring to optimise the path to each body. 


Our home system of Mukhang has no discoveries. I mapped the first planet, so everyone else should pop down and tag something.

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10 hours ago, Thor said:

The Krait Phantom looks like a pointless ship. It's lighter and a tiny bit faster than a normal Krait, but I don't think it's light/fast enough to be worth the downgrade in weapons and cargo space.


It's exploration focused though isn't it?

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