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Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Captain Kelsten

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Speaking of the EU, I've always wondered if there were any of the books that were worth reading? Every time I passed some in Waterstones there just seemed to be too many to choose from and I couldn't be sure I'd get a good read.

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Speaking of the EU, I've always wondered if there were any of the books that were worth reading? Every time I passed some in Waterstones there just seemed to be too many to choose from and I couldn't be sure I'd get a good read.

There's lots of recommendations in this thread.

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For me I would like a new story with new characters that have little relation to the others, say a 20 year gap from ROTJ where Luke and Vader are legend. Maybe have an ageing Luke as the Jedi master for the first few acts of EPVII then move on and develop new characters.

Dip in and out of the EU where they possible, although this route will be criticised to hell - There's too much history involved, backstories and details, unless they smear it all together and give the fans another reason to be pissed off - Give em something new but do it right!.

Also, as mentioned earlier in this thread, make the movie right - get rid of the CGI. We want models, matte paitings, animatronics - make it look like the OT...

My house is 100% SW so anything they do I'll probably buy into anyway, whatever happens ^_^

Also, Disney have been dealing with SW shit for years and years - I don't think it'll be on their agenda to fuck things up - (not intentionally, anyway...)

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Star Wars

Episode VII

Death of the Rebels

Shortly after the destruction of the second even

more powerful Death Star the idiotic members of

the rebellion partied hard on Ender totally forgetting

that there still existed a massive

Imperial fleet.

As the rebels slept late the next morning the

Imperial fleet regrouped and bombarded

Endor until it resembled a giant charred

marshmellow. The new leader of the Empire,

now free from opposition, expanded the Empire to

the far corners of the galaxy...

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Your opinion is always the same, regardless of subject; and it always boils down to you vs the world. You might as well just type 'Insert generic Smittyism here' and be done with it.

Seriously man. Find some joy in your life and cheer the hell up. Find happiness in the fact it's almost Christmas, or something. Not everyone is out to get you. Most people think you're a massively whingy, annoying little troll, but that's probably because you keep fanning those flames through your constant negativity, doom and gloom and cries for attention.


I'm positive about plenty of things. These are my opinions, and I don't need to adapt them to suit other people's tastes. FUCK OFF.

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i'd say the writing in the prequels was a large part of the problem and it certainly seems that he had less assistance with those then he did the OT.

No rational plotting, indecipherablly dull dialogue, almost universally one-dimensional characters and a reliance on mid-90's CGI and blue screen that makes them now look more dated than the Original Trilogy. I'd keep Lucas several miles away from production as just about anyone with an ounce of talent and some respect for the originals would do an infinitely better job.

TV series could be really good IMO and really flesh out the universe.

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It is a period of peace. The death of Emperor

Palpatine resulted in a harmonious existence for all

species. But from out of the shadows, a new threat


Rumours have circulated for many years that Palpatine

wasn't in charge. There was a creature behind him, pulling

his strings. Rarely seen, all that is known is that

he is from a species that has no neck and a taste for

plaid shirts.

His full power is unknown. He can apparently change

history at a whim - unnecessary alterations that don't seem

to do much than annoy others. He claims to be able to know

past, present and future. But when he tries to tell you

this information, you die of boredom.

But there is hope. A small band of experts have banded

together. Their aim is to dethrone this being, hoping this

will rob him of his abilities. Will they succeed...?

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The prequels really do suffer from Lucas' laziness. Get your fat neck onto a REAL LOCATION! At least Phantom Menace, due to being filmed in some actual real world places looks like a film. 2 and 3 look like cheap TV Shows. Despite wincing as I watch them, I still have a soft spot for the prequels and the excitement that surrounded them.

Can't wait to have this lot all ghost bickering in a kind of 3 stooges manner in the new films. :lol:


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I know that Spielberg, when doing an interview about 'Lincoln' recently, said that "action" doesn't grab him in the same way anymore - which is worrying considering 'Robocalypse' is his next film and is packed with horrible, realistic Robot vs Human action - but considering that this will be the biggest directing gig of the last decade do people think he might go for it? I can't imagine that Disney/Lucasfilm has anyone other than him as first choice on their shortlist for directors.

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They clearly won't do any kind of Star Trek-style "reboot". The draw is the universe itself rather than any kind of central conceit or the main characters. The imagery and sounds are burned into our minds. A special chemical is released into the brains of males between the ages of 20 and 45 whenever they hear a lightsaber ignite. Any enjoyment of the prequels comes from referencing back to the iconography of the original trilogy, and it'll be the same for any future films. Disney would be bonkers to wipe the slate clean and try any kind of "reimagining".

The best approach for the sequels would be to set them 30 years after Jedi (i.e mirror how much time has passed in reality) and try to rope in some of the original cast to hand the reigns over to the next generation of young attractive leads. I mean, Disney aren't going to greenlight three films based around the exploits of a fat 60 year-old Mark Hamill, but extended cameos (Luke in some kind of Obi-Wan mentor role, killed off in pt VII) would send loyal fans into a frothing frenzy.

Of course, Harrison Ford would be the ultimate coup if they could convince him to do something like Leonard Nimoy did in the Star Trek reboot. An elderly Han Solo is hardly going to carry three films, though. I can't believe all that nonsense Lucas was spouting about the sequel trilogy revisiting the Original Trilogy characters in their eighties. Maybe Cocoon was topping the charts when that interview was conducted.

I can't see them moving away from the core "family" of characters too much. We're not going to get the continuing adventures of Boba Fett and the Sarlacc or anything based in the Old Republic. It's too risky

We'll probably get something that steals elements from the EU where it makes sense to do so, but happily trashes it in favour of making a profitable series of films. This would be the correct approach.

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They could have Harrison Ford as a grizzled, broken down Han Solo, who’s hung up his blaster and tried to live a boring life – kind of like a PG-rated William Munny from Unforgiven. Not sure about Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher coming back, they don’t look anywhere near as well-preserved as Ford. They can still use the characters dramatically without actually featuring the actors, as they could just have them die in the period between Return of the Jedi and the new film. I would bet a testicle that C3P0 and R2D2 will be back, although that seems a pretty safe bet.

I’d also bet they’ll largely ignore the expanded universe stuff, except to mine it for potential characters and ideas. I seriously doubt that they’d be able to attract any decent writing or directing talent if you have to make the resulting film completely consistent with a terrible novel (or series of novels) some hack jizzed out in the late nineties.

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